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The State Council: to cultivate and form a number of new consumer demonstration cities and leading enterprises by 2025
Sep 22,2020 10:06CST
Source:Viewpoint real estate network
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SMM: recently, the General Office of the State Council issued opinions on using new business type's new model to lead the new type of consumption to accelerate development, pointing out that it is necessary to firmly implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand, take new business type's new model as the guide, speed up the expansion and quality of new type of consumption, strive to accelerate the development of new type of consumption, and promote the formation of a new development pattern with domestic and international cycles as the main body and domestic and international cycles promote each other.

The opinion real estate new media learned that the main goal is to improve the institutional mechanism and policy system for promoting the development of new consumption through 3-5 years of efforts. By further optimizing the environment for the development of new consumption led by new business type's new model, further improving the supply quality of new consumer products, and further strengthening the support of new consumption for expanding domestic demand and stable employment, by 2025, We have fostered and formed a number of new consumer demonstration cities and leading enterprises, the proportion of online retail sales of physical goods in the total retail sales of social consumer goods has increased significantly, and new consumption models such as "Internet + service" have been popularized and become mature.

The "opinion" puts forward four policy measures: the first is to make efforts to promote the organic integration of online and offline consumption. We will further cultivate and strengthen all kinds of new consumption models of new business type, develop online education in an orderly manner, actively develop Internet health and medical services, encourage the development of smart tourism, vigorously develop intelligent sports, and innovate contactless consumption patterns. We will promote two-way acceleration of online and offline consumption, support Internet platform enterprises to expand offline, and guide physical enterprises to develop more digital products and services. Enterprises are encouraged to expand the international market by relying on new types of consumption.

The second is to speed up the building of a new type of consumer infrastructure and service guarantee capacity. We will strengthen the construction of information network infrastructure, step up the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G network and the Internet of things, and give priority to covering core business circles, key industrial parks, important traffic hubs, major application scenarios, and so on. We will improve the network of infrastructure for business and trade circulation. Vigorously promote the innovative application of intelligent technology integration. Promote the commercial use of data in a safe and orderly manner, and better provide enterprises with computing resources support and preferential services. We will plan and build a new type of consumer network node, and strive to build a regional consumption center with strong radiation-driven capacity and advantages in resource integration.

The third is to optimize the new consumption development environment. Strengthen the construction of relevant laws and regulations. We will deepen inclusive, prudent and coordinated supervision, strengthen the construction of the consumer credit system, and improve the inter-departmental coordination supervision mechanism. We will improve the system of service standards and promote the construction of a new type of consumer standardization. Simplify and optimize license processing, and further optimize the business environment of the new retail new business type model.

The fourth is to increase support for new consumption policies. We will strengthen financial support and study further measures to optimize tax collection and management for enterprises in new consumer areas. Optimize financial services and encourage various types of payment and clearing service providers such as banks to reduce formalities fees. We will improve the labor security policy and promote new business type's new model employees to participate in social insurance.

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