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Chinalco light research new magnesium-rare earth alloy rolled sheet comes out
Sep 21,2020 16:34CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM: a few days ago, Chinalco Light Research Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed a wide width magnesium rare earth alloy plate with high strength and excellent weldability and realized industrial batch production. the highest tensile strength of the new magnesium rare earth alloy rolled sheet can reach 365MPa, the yield strength is 310MPa, and the elongation is more than 6%.

With the continuous growth of the demand for lightweight in the national defense industry, the demand for lightweight structural materials and armor for new military weapons such as high-performance land unmanned armored vehicles and airdropped light armored vehicles is becoming more and more urgent. as a kind of lightweight and high-strength structural materials, magnesium alloy is easier to achieve batch and become one of the preferred alternative materials.

Magnesium-rare earth alloys are being studied and applied more and more widely because of their low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, excellent high temperature resistance and weldability. In aerospace, it can be used as missile cabin and section materials and other secondary load-bearing parts that need to withstand high temperature; in medicine, it can also be used as biomedical implant materials for human bodies; in addition, this alloy is also being studied for composite helmet housings, which may improve performance due to its light weight, high specific stiffness, high damping and appropriate anti-elasticity. The fuel efficiency ground vehicle demonstrator (FED) program in the United States is also using such alloys to design tactical vehicles to reduce fuel consumption in the war zone, and its fuel economy is significantly higher than that of other land armored vehicles. The idea of "lighter, more mobile, and more flexible" army building has become the mainstream.

In the future, the army will deal with more and more fast mobile operations and low-intensity operations, such as urban operations, anti-terrorism, anti-riot, peacekeeping and so on, in which wheeled armored vehicles with faster response and deployment will play an important role. This powerful traction force of "shaping a new type of army" fundamentally determines the development trend of wheeled armored vehicles.

In addition, Chinalco light alloy has developed magnesium-rare earth rolled plates with higher strength, which optimizes its strength (tensile strength greater than 400MPa, yield strength greater than 300MPa, elongation more than 4 per cent) at the expense of partial plasticity.

Chinalco light grinding alloy has mastered the whole process production technology from master alloy preparation, full vacuum melting and casting, forging to final rolling forming, which effectively ensures the excellent and stable properties of the plate, and provides support for the industrial production and batch supply of materials.

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