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[today's property market] 1Compact 5-year LPR is the same as last month * Moody's upgraded country Garden to investment grade Baa3* Silver City International 1.2 billion
Sep 21,2020 10:36CST
[today's property market] 1Compact 5-year LPR are the same as last month * Moody's upgraded country Garden to investment grade Baa3* Silver City International 1.2 billion Eternal Real Estate bankruptcy auction * Zhuo Zhicheng signed a contract with Huanggang Xishui County in Hubei Province to invest 11 billion to build Bahe poetic Cannes.
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SMM9 March 21: [September LPR quotation: 1-year and 5-year varieties are the same as the previous month] on September 21, the people's Bank of China authorized the National Interbank loan Center to announce that the quoted interest rate (LPR) of the loan market on September 21, 2020 is: one-year LPR is 3.85% LPR for more than five years is 4.65%. The above LPR is valid until the next release of LPR. Before that, the quoted interest rate (LPR) in the loan market on August 20 was 3.85% for 1-year LPR and 4.65% for more than 5 years. LPR has not been adjusted for 6 months in a row.

[Moody's upgraded country Garden rating to investment grade Baa3] on September 18th, Moody's (Moody's), an international authoritative rating agency, upgraded the issuer rating and senior unsecured bond rating of country Garden Holdings Limited to investment grade Baa3,. After this adjustment, country Garden issuer rating has been upgraded from non-investment grade "Ba1/ positive" to investment grade "Baa3/ stable", while senior unsecured bond rating has rarely jumped two levels to investment grade "Baa3" for details.

[silver City International 1.2 billion, which is short of money to get what it needs, has been listed in Hong Kong for more than a year. The performance of Silver City International is not optimistic. After falling short of its target of 20 billion yuan, the veteran Nanjing real estate company set a target of 24 billion yuan in 2020, but as of the previous August, Yincheng International had sales of 8.615 billion yuan, only 35.9 percent of its annual target. Now, with less than four months to go in 2020, Silver City seems increasingly anxious, and the company has recently tried to achieve rapid growth through acquisitions. On September 15, Yincheng International acquired all the equity and creditor's rights of Hangzhou Company of Guangzhou Yihe Group at a price of 1.197 billion yuan, thus obtaining a plot of 805900 square meters of land in Lin'an, Hangzhou.

[Chongqing Eternal Real Estate 91.08 million yuan bankruptcy auction Yonghui supermarket or Xiashan largest real estate] from September 21 to 22, the manager of Chongqing Bishan Yonghe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. will auction the bankruptcy Qiangqing platform on Taobao Ali. auction of 14 properties of Eternal Real Estate. The total auction price of the above-mentioned property is 91.085632 million yuan, equivalent to a 6. 4% discount of 142.3169 million yuan. The supervision unit is the people's Court of Bishan District of Chongqing City. At present, the asset is leased to Yonghui supermarket. As of July 2020, the remaining lease term is about 13 years. Under the same conditions, Yonghui supermarket has the right of priority. According to market news, Chongqing Yonghui supermarket may fork the property and exercise the right of preemption. "check the details."

[Zhuoerzhicheng and Huanggang Xishui County in Hubei Province signed a contract to invest 11 billion to build Bahe poetic Cangcheng] on September 19th, Zhuoerzhicheng Group announced that it had signed a cooperation project with the people's Government of Xishui County, Huanggang City, Hubei Province. It is understood that on this basis, Zall Zhi City will invest in the construction of Zall Ba River poetic Cannes project in Xishui. According to the data, the total investment of the project is about 11 billion yuan and the total construction area is about 3.2 million square meters. it will be built into a big health industry and a destination for poetry and cultural experience. And set four major health experience areas, multiple supporting nodes based on the comprehensive cultural and tourism resort "check the details."

[Foshan Dali 407 million listing a commercial and residential land is expected to be sold on October 19th] on September 19th, Foshan City listed a commercial and residential land, which is located in Dali Town, Nanhai District, and is expected to be sold on October 19th. The site is marked as TD2020 (NH) WG0030, with an area of 11304.45 yuan, with a starting price of 407 million yuan and a floor price of 12001.17 yuan per kilowatt. The bidding method is for the highest bidder, the bidding ladder is 4 million yuan, and the deposit is 81.4 million yuan. Among them, the deadline for the arrival of margin is 17:00 on October 17, 2020, and the starting time of time-limited bidding is 10:00 on October 19, 2020.

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