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Foshan introduces subsidy measures for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
Sep 21,2020 08:27CST
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SMM Network: recently, Foshan Development and Reform Bureau and Foshan Finance Bureau issued the Foshan fuel cell vehicles municipal financial subsidy fund management measures (hereinafter referred to as "measures"), hydrogen fuel cell vehicles according to the central financial bicycle subsidy of 100% to determine local subsidies, officially implemented on November 1 this year.

The "measures" require that the vehicles applying for subsidies must meet the following conditions: the vehicles applying for subsidies must be included in the catalogue of recommended models for the Promotion and Application of New Energy vehicles issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the State, and can be subsidized by the state; in Foshan, where the vehicle owner is registered for the first time and has not been transferred to another place (outside Foshan City), the reporting place is divided by the place where the owner is registered or the address of the owner's shen share permit (residence permit). When the owner of the vehicle is an enterprise, the cumulative mileage of the vehicle shall reach 20,000 km; install and use remote monitoring equipment such as vehicle terminals and satellite positioning vehicle driving recorders that meet the relevant national and provincial standards, and access the monitoring platform established by the government or production enterprises in accordance with the regulations.

As for the subsidy standard, the measures indicate that the local subsidy for fuel cell vehicles will be determined according to 100% of the central financial bicycle subsidy on the basis of the central government special fund subsidy (that is, the "state subsidy"). That is, the state subsidy: the local subsidy is 1:1. It is reported that the total amount of subsidies for vehicle purchase by finance at all levels (state subsidies + local subsidies) shall not exceed 60% of the vehicle sales price (state subsidies + local subsidies + the amount paid by consumers). If the total amount of subsidies is higher than 60% of the vehicle sales price, the amount of financial subsidies for cities and districts shall be calculated proportionally after deducting superior subsidies from 60% of the vehicle sales price.

It is worth mentioning that although fuel cell vehicles include hydrogen, methanol, natural gas and so on. However, the scope of this "measures" subsidy is limited to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, including passenger cars, passenger cars, trucks and so on. These measures shall enter into force as of November 1, 2020 and shall be valid for five years.

Editor's comments:

In fact, Foshan has been in the field of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in recent years. As early as 2018, with the completion and operation of the first hydrogen refueling station in Chancheng District and 70 hydrogen fuel cell buses put into operation, Foshan became the first demonstration city in the province to use hydrogen fuel cell buses on a large scale. With the help of national and local policies, the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles may usher in a period of rapid development and become a new "blue ocean" for enterprises to compete for layout.

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