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Volkswagen plans to sell 500000 ID.4 vehicles a year
Sep 18,2020 17:03CST
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SMM: according to reports, Volkswagen will release the new ID.4 Pure Electric SUV, next week. The company's executives said in an interview that they plan to sell 500000 ID.4 vehicles a year.

Over the past month, Volkswagen has been campaigning for the launch of the ID.4, releasing the latest news about the car. Recently, Volkswagen released a photo of the interior of the ID.4 and demonstrated the dragging ability of the pure electric SUV.

On Sept. 17, the company released another interview with Ralf Brandst ä tter, the chief executive of the Volkswagen brand, and Thomas Ulbrich, a member of the management committee responsible for electric travel, to discuss ID.4.

Brandst ä tter said in an interview that Volkswagen plans to sell 1.5 million electric vehicles a year by 2025, and expects ID.4 to sell 500000 vehicles a year. "Volkswagen wants to be a world leader in electric travel, but this is not a goal that can be achieved just by talking," he said. As a compact SUV, we believe that ID.4 has the best prerequisites for success in all important markets. As a result, we expect the Volkswagen brand to produce a total of 1.5 million electric vehicles a year by 2025, of which the ID.4 may account for about 1/3. "

On the production side, Volkswagen is currently planning capacity, has begun production in Germany and China, and is building a new plant in the United States, which will start producing the electric SUV from 2022.

On the demand side, Ulbrich believes ID.4 will be popular with consumers in the popular SUV segment. "more and more consumers are buying the SUV, which provides good vision, safety and comfort," he said. The SUV is the most popular model in the United States and China. In Europe and Germany, SUV's market share is also steadily increasing, with sales of compact SUV growing particularly fast. ID.4 is our first electric SUV, and its goal is obviously to gain a lot of market share. The car provides a lot of space, flexibility and all the advantages of the SUV model that consumers like. " Volkswagen will officially launch the ID.4, next week and is expected to start delivering vehicles in the coming weeks.

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