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Shenzhen: establish an information platform for real estate buying and selling and leasing and build a reasonable price guidance mechanism.
Sep 18,2020 15:07CST
Source:Viewpoint real estate network
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SMM: on Sept. 17, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Justice issued a circular on soliciting opinions on the measures for the Supervision of Shenzhen Real Estate Market (revised draft for soliciting opinions), aimed at strengthening the management of the real estate market, maintaining the order of the real estate market, and protecting the interests of property buyers, and formulated corresponding market guidance and punishment regulations for real estate enterprises, intermediary institutions, leasing parties, financial institutions and real estate regulatory departments.

Point of view real estate new media learned that in terms of the real estate information platform, the circular mentioned that on the basis of the existing real estate information platform, establish a real estate information platform covering real estate trading and leasing information, improve the service and supervision functions of the real estate information platform, and interconnect with the business systems of various functional departments and market entities.

With regard to the conditions for the pre-sale of new houses, the circular mentioned that commercial housing projects with less than seven floors (including) have been capped; commercial housing projects with more than seven storeys have been completed with three floors above the ground, and prefabricated construction projects have completed three floors above the ground.

Before obtaining the pre-sale license of commercial housing in accordance with the law, real estate development enterprises shall not sell commercial housing directly or by means of internal subscription or internal subscription.

In the sales announcement, after obtaining the pre-sale certificate or the current sale record, the housing enterprise shall publish all the commercial housing information and the time, place, method and price of the sale at one time within 10 days, and sell to the public.

In addition, the circular mentioned that price monopoly is prohibited. Real estate development enterprises shall not commit the following price violations in their real estate development and operation activities: after obtaining a pre-sale license or filing for the current sale price, they do not sell to the public at one time, cherish the sale or hoard and intercept the housing supply in a disguised form; fabricate or spread information such as price increases or housing shortages to bid up prices and cause market panic; The sale of commercial housing shall not be clearly marked, or the price shall not be clearly marked in accordance with the record price, or shall be sold at an additional price in addition to the marked price, or unmarked fees shall be charged, and so on.

The circular said that Shenzhen's competent departments and market regulatory departments should establish a real estate transaction price monitoring system, and can timely take necessary measures to stabilize the price level of real estate transactions in the light of abnormal fluctuations in real estate transaction prices.

We will establish a reasonable price guidance mechanism for the sale and sale of stock commercial housing, and issue reasonable transaction prices of commercial housing projects throughout the city on a regular basis. For the stock commodity housing projects with high social attention and large price fluctuations, the competent authorities of Shenzhen will issue reasonable transaction prices in time to guide the market to buy and sell rationally.

In the supervision of financial behavior of real estate transactions, financial violations committed by commercial banks, micro-loan companies and other financial institutions, loan intermediaries, real estate development enterprises, housing leasing enterprises, brokers and valuation institutions shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law.

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