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[automobile Summit] Chairman's guidance: a brief history of the development of aluminum extrusion equipment, industry status, opportunities and trends
Sep 18,2020 10:46CST
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SMM9: at the 2020 (2nd) China Industry Expo New Materials Forum-China Automotive New Materials Application Summit held by SMM, and the eighth China Aluminum processing Industry chain supply and demand transaction Summit, Lin Kaichao, Chairman of Foshan Nanhai Wange Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd., carried out a comprehensive and in-depth analysis on the current situation and development trend of intelligent manufacturing of aluminum extrusion equipment.

A brief History of the Development of Aluminum Extrusion equipment

In 1797, the British Alexander Deco Company first designed the mechanical extruder for aluminum extrusion; in 1820, the Englishman Thomas designed and manufactured the first hydraulic lead pipe extruder; in 1870, the Englishman Heinar invented the lead pipe reverse extruder; from 1894 to 1895, the British Alexander Deco Company produced the first conventional forward extruder.

In 1904, Alcoa's first aluminum extrusion plant used vertical reverse extruders, and in 1918, Alcoa began to use horizontal extruders.

In the 1930s, aluminum extruders could produce aluminum extrusion materials of any form of cross section; in the 1950s and 1970s, the number and specifications of aluminum extrusion equipment increased continuously, and the market entered a mature period; in the 1980s and 1990s, computer automation system is used in aluminum extrusion equipment, and aluminum extrusion equipment in China is growing rapidly.

Lin Kaichao said that since the beginning of this century, aluminum extrusion equipment has tended to be automated on the one hand and large and heavy on the other; by 2017, the total number of extruders in China has exceeded 5500, of which more than 75 are large extruders above 50NM.

Present situation of Aluminum Extrusion equipment Industry

Global status quo

Lin Kaichao said that the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy and other countries are still the most advanced countries in aluminum extrusion equipment technology; aluminum extrusion equipment design is more closely integrated with aluminum die manufacturing; and now more attention is paid to the consistent operation of equipment with different parts of the entire production line.

China's current situation

The country with the largest number of large extruders in the world; aluminum extrusion equipment designed and manufactured by itself and has more independent intellectual property rights; equipment control accuracy such as isothermal, homogenization, efficiency, consumption reduction and so on need to be improved.

Opportunities for Intelligent Manufacturing of Aluminum Extrusion equipment in China


1. Made in China 2025

2. Sino-US Trade War and "double cycle"

3. 5G technology brings artificial intelligence upgrade.


1. Upgrading of aluminum processing industry

2. The general trend of market competition


1. The inevitable requirements of technological progress

2. the demand for the improvement of production efficiency

3. The demand for the improvement of product quality

Important characteristics of Intelligent Manufacturing of Aluminum Extrusion equipment


An overview of a complete set of aluminum extrusion production lines

Trend of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology for Aluminum Extrusion equipment

Constant velocity extrusion: the speed of different links in the extrusion process is the same, so as to ensure the quality of the material;

Isothermal extrusion: the temperature of different links in the extrusion process is properly controlled to ensure the quality of the material;

Color difference control: there is no color difference before and after the material by controlling the speed and temperature in different links of the extrusion process.

Hardness maintenance: different links in the extrusion process control speed, temperature, strength, avoid material deformation, maintain material hardness;

Trend Prospect of Aluminum Extrusion equipment

One of the prospects: the problems of large-scale and heavy-duty are constantly overcome.

Prospect 2: big data, cloud computing, remote control and diagnosis

The third prospect: intelligent production of the whole line, which can be operated by only 3-4 people.

Prospect 4: the application of 5G technology and the formation of the Internet of things

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