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Anshan Iron and Steel Group and the State Power Investment Group will make joint efforts in these areas.
Sep 17,2020 13:41CST
Source:Cradle Angang
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SMM: on September 15, Tan Chengxu, chairman and secretary of the party committee of Anshan Iron and Steel Group, led a team to visit the State Diet, and talked about the course of cooperation with Qian Zhimin, chairman and secretary of the party group, and talked freely about the prospects for cooperation. The two sides agreed to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, take scientific and technological innovation as the guide, strengthen communication and exchanges, continuously deepen cooperation, and join hands to carry out major national special research. we will achieve more fruitful cooperation results during the 14th five-year Plan period and jointly create a new chapter in development.

Wang Yidong, member of the standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Angang Group, and Liu Xiangmin, member of the State Electronic Investment Party Group and Deputy General Manager, attended the meeting.

During the talks, Tan Chengxu thanked the State Power Investment for its support and help to Angang Group. Tan Chengxu said--

Since the beginning of this year, Angang Group has resolutely implemented the decision-making arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the work requirements of the State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, coordinated the prevention and control of the epidemic, resumed work and production, and made new achievements in reform and development. Anshan Iron and Steel Group will, as always, give full play to the advantages of technology research and development, advanced technology and equipment and excellence in quality control system, provide more and better material solutions for the national electric investment, and stand up the iron and steel backbone of "the heavy weapon of a big country". It is hoped that the two sides will explore new modes of cooperation in serving the national development strategy, the research and application of new steel products for nuclear power, and clean energy, so as to achieve win-win development.

Qian Zhimin welcomed the arrival of Tan Chengxu and his party and thanked Anshan Iron and Steel Group for its support to the state over the years. Qian Zhimin said--

Anshan Iron and Steel Group has a profound historical background and an important industry position, and the State Power Investment Corporation is looking forward to deepening cooperation with Angang Group. It is hoped that the two sides will establish a closer communication mechanism, on the basis of consolidating the achievements of previous cooperation, jointly plan the development direction of future cooperation, jointly carry out in-depth cooperation in clean energy, iron and steel materials and other fields, and jointly build "smart energy". Achieve win-win development.

It is understood that the State Power Investment is a very large and important state-owned backbone enterprise directly managed by the central government, with business covering power, thermal, photovoltaic and other fields, and has in-depth cooperation with Angang Group.

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