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The British government announces a new plan to promote the popularity of electric vehicles
Sep 16,2020 11:31CST
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SMM: it is reported that the British government has announced a new plan to provide more than 20 million pounds to increase the utilization of electric vehicles. About 12 million of this will be spent on battery technology research projects, and the government plans to introduce other incentives, such as special parking spaces for electric vehicles and electric vehicle sales websites.

The decision is based on the results of a report released by the UK's Office of low-emission vehicles ((OLEV)), which examines the effectiveness of various policy ideas, such as scrapping schemes, tax breaks and changing government subsidies for plug-in hybrid vehicles ((PIGG)).

After obtaining the research data, British Transport Minister Grant Shapps confirmed that the government would invest in battery development projects, including a battery project aimed at developing a battery to be recharged in six minutes. The British government said it would also hold a "series of competitions" through which researchers could obtain funding.

At the same time, the government is considering other ideas put forward in the report, such as the construction of charging stations in popular locations, such as supermarkets and scenic spots, and the creation of special parking spaces for electric vehicles (which will be painted green). (DfT) also plans to unify clear public signs for drivers to reduce confusion and raise awareness of electric vehicle technology.

In addition, DfT says it has worked closely with Auto Trader, the online car market, to set up a special electric vehicles section on the company's website. DfT said this would facilitate the purchase decisions of potential electric car buyers, and the department expects similar sites to increase rapidly. Ian Plummer, director of Auto Trader, said the company's website can help consumers understand electric cars and allay their concerns about electric cars.

Meanwhile, Jim O'Sullivan, chief executive of the England Highway Authority, said they would try to persuade more companies to buy electric cars through a "try and buy" scheme.

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