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The sale of two listed plots of 4.6 billion yuan in Zengcheng, Guangzhou was terminated for some reason.
Sep 15,2020 16:27CST
Source:Viewpoint real estate network
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SMM Network: September 15, today, Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Center issued a notice that the total starting price of 4.6 billion yuan in Zengcheng District Shitan Town Zhengtian Village, Lihu Street Luogang Village 2 residential land for some reason to terminate the transfer, originally scheduled to be sold on September 18.

It is worth noting that officials did not disclose exactly what caused the termination.

According to the point of view of the real estate new media, the Zhengtian Village site in Shitan Town, Shitan Town, is located in Zhengtian Village, Shitan Town, Zengcheng District, with a parcel area of 83394.18 square meters, a volume ratio of 3, and a construction area of 250182.54 square meters (commercial construction floor ≤ 8256 square meters). The listing starting price is 2.6 billion yuan, the floor price is 10392.41 yuan / square meter, the upper limit price is 3.77 billion yuan, and the upper limit floor price is 15069 yuan / square meter.

Lihu Street Luogang Village site is located in Luogang Village, Lihu Street, Zengcheng District, with land area of 125303.38 square meters, volume ratio of 3.2, construction area of 400970.8 square meters (commercial and office floor ≤ 88021.3 square meters), initial listing price of 3.99 billion yuan, floor price of 9950.85 yuan per square meter, upper limit price of 5.786 billion yuan and upper floor price of 14428.73 yuan per square meter.

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