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The world's first Volkswagen officially delivered ID.3 electric car
Sep 14,2020 08:34CST
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SMM: it is reported that on Sept. 11, Volkswagen officially delivered the first limited edition ID.3, to users by the sales director of Volkswagen at the transparent factory in Dresden, Germany, to the first ID.3 user-Oliver Nicolai.

Volkswagen ID.3 is the first pure electric vehicle using Volkswagen MEB platform, positioning compact car. It is reported that there are as many as seven versions of the new car, corresponding to different people, including Family, Style, Tech and Tour. In 2019, to celebrate the launch of the electric car, Volkswagen announced that it had previously opened a reservation for a Volkswagen ID.3 model called 1ST, with a limited release of 30, 000 vehicles, which sold out soon after the start of the order, indicating that the market responded enthusiastically to it. In addition, Volkswagen launched a regular version of the order in the European market on July 20, which is different from the limited edition in terms of configuration.

In terms of power, Volkswagen ID.3 Limited Edition uses rear wheel drive, the maximum power of the motor is 204hp, the peak torque is 310Nm, and the WLTP mileage is 420km. Users can enjoy free charging for one year, and there are three vehicle configurations and colors inside and outside the car to choose from.

Editor's comments:

The delivery of the Volkswagen ID.3 is of great significance to Volkswagen, which means that the traditional auto giant will take the first step towards a new era. For electric cars, the yardstick is no longer horsepower and speed, because these indicators of fuel vehicles are easier to achieve, but this does not mean that problems and challenges do not exist. For example, the "software crisis" within Volkswagen led to the downfall of many leaders, and even the group CEO Dis was almost dismissed as a result, which shows that the problems of the intelligent and digital age are even more difficult. For example, Peter Mertens, a former Audi R & D director, revealed that not a single line of 10 million lines of code in Volkswagen's ID.3 was written by Volkswagen engineers, which on the one hand illustrates the difficulty of software development, on the other hand, it also highlights the challenges that Volkswagen Group faces in its transformation to electrification.

Volkswagen is currently striving to become a global leader in electric vehicles, with a cumulative investment of more than 33 billion EUR, to provide electric versions for all vehicles by 2022 and plans to produce 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2025.

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