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Dongguan issued a document to strictly investigate the "tea fee" for the purchase of houses: to prevent the behavior of peddling the housing supply of newly-built commercial housing.
Sep 14,2020 08:24CST
Source:Viewpoint real estate network
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SMM: on the evening of Sept. 11, Dongguan Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau issued a "tip on preventing the behavior of housing indicators peddling new commercial housing".

The bureau pointed out that recently, it has been reflected by the public that employees of individual real estate brokerage institutions and social personnel peddle the "housing supply index" of newly built commercial housing to prospective buyers, and plan to charge tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan as a service fee for obtaining "housing supply index."

After investigation, it is found that the brokers involved in the case and their employees do claim that as long as they pay 10-300000 yuan (depending on the size of the housing supply), they can obtain the housing selection index or priority housing selection opportunity of a designated popular building.

Violations have the following characteristics: violators (including intermediaries and real estate sales staff) generally sell "housing indicators" to customers by posting Wechat moments, Wechat chat conversations, on-site private talks, and so on. It is usually promised that "if the house selection (purchase) is not successful, the service fee can be refunded" in order to reduce the customer's awareness of prevention and create an image of integrity. If the customer believes it, they will be required to pay a service charge. Some intermediaries, in order to improve the goodwill of their customers, even falsely claimed that they would first arrange for their customers to choose a room, and then pay the money if they were selected, and there would be no charge for the election.

The bureau reminds the general public that any act of collecting money on the grounds of providing "access to housing selection indicators", "locking room numbers" and "priority room selection" services is suspected of violating the law and regulations to prevent being cheated.

It is understood that the Dongguan Housing and Construction Bureau issued a document or related to the previous China Resources Land article, Dongguan intermediaries and social personnel, peddling its project Vientiane House "housing index" to customers, proposed to charge a huge tea fee ranging from 10 yuan to 300000 yuan; according to related news, China Resources Land has handed over some mature clues to the public security and housing construction departments, and relevant departments have carried out investigation work on the clues.

It is also learned that on September 11, the official website of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau reported a series of cases of "tea fees for the purchase of houses" in the Huangpu District Branch. The case was successfully solved and seven real estate salesmen were arrested to recover more than 2 million yuan in economic losses for a number of home buyers.

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