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[SMM analysis] demand decline capacity greatly increased sponge zirconium price collapse! How much longer is it going to fall?
Sep 10,2020 15:55CST
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SMM9 March 10 News: recently, sponge zirconium prices intensified, last week, sponge zirconium prices have been reduced to 140-150 yuan / kg, to this week prices have stabilized. According to SMM, the larger decline in sponge zirconium prices is mainly due to increased supply and depressed demand.

On the one hand, a large number of new domestic sponge zirconium production capacity has been put into production this year. According to industry insiders, the total production capacity is estimated to reach about 3000 tons, and the actual output is expected to reach about 2000-2400 tons, compared with only 1500 tons last year.

On the other hand, affected by the epidemic, downstream demand is in the doldrums, although with the domestic epidemic gradually under control, manufacturers have gradually returned to normal shipments, but demand has declined, and some manufacturers have to sell at low prices in order to promote transactions.

Some holders said that supported by production costs, there is little possibility of further sharp decline in the future, SMM expects the price of sponge zirconium will be stable and weak in the short term.

Sponge zirconium popular science

Product characteristics:

Sponge zirconium, also known as metal zirconium, silver-gray metal, looks like steel, shiny, is an active metal, will form an oxide film at room temperature, has a very strong corrosion resistance; zirconium has ultra-high hardness and strength, good mechanical and heat transfer properties and excellent luminous properties.

It has the characteristics of small thermal neutron absorption cross section, so it has excellent nuclear performance.

Zirconium is easy to absorb hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, zirconium has a strong affinity for oxygen, and the volume of zirconium can be significantly increased when oxygen is dissolved in zirconium at 1000 ℃.

Zirconium is relatively stable in the air; powdered zirconium is easy to burn, and fine zirconium wire can be ignited with matches and can be directly combined with dissolved oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen at high temperature; zirconium is easy to emit electrons at high temperature.

Application areas:

Zirconium alloy is also used to make high-quality chemical corrosion-resistant equipment components, special high-strength and high-level alloy materials and pharmaceutical devices.

Zirconium and zirconium alloys are also widely used as non-evaporative gas suppressants in electric vacuum and light bulb industries.

As a material for flash and fireworks;

To make bulletproof alloys.

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Zirconium sponge
price forecast

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