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The fine management project of Hailiang Co., Ltd. was officially launched.
Sep 10,2020 09:54CST
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SMM News: in order to improve the company's fine management level, on September 1st, Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd. launched the fine management project to be held in the company headquarters, set up a fine management team, focusing on the company's fine management project. Zhu Zhangquan, chairman and general manager of Hailiang shares, and Wang Sheng, deputy general manager of Hailiang shares, attended the meeting, while the general managers of various business departments, responsible persons of relevant departments, and responsible persons of finance attended the meeting on the spot or by video connection. Chen Dong, Chief Financial Officer of Hailiang shares, presided over the meeting.

Sun Hongjun, assistant general manager of Hailiang Co., Ltd. made a detailed interpretation of the fine management project planning of Hailiang shares, introduced the division of labor of various departments, and explained the key contents of project management at the same time. It is emphasized that management is a discipline about practical behavior, and effectiveness can only be achieved through practice.

Jiang Lirong, general manager of the Copper Pipeline Division of Hailiang Co., Ltd., as the project leader of the Copper Pipeline Division, the leading unit of the project demonstration, said on behalf of the team that he would respond positively to the company's call to practice fine management with action, and strive to set up an excellent demonstration benchmark.

Zhu Zhangquan shared the theme of "applying big data to improve fine management" at the meeting. He analyzed in detail the differences between the company's financial data and actual data, as well as the problems reflected from the two aspects of quality cost and inventory control, emphasized the importance of fine management, and further clarified the necessity of fine management through the analysis and judgment of the current external competitive environment. He pointed out that he hoped that the management at all levels of the company would attach great importance to this fine management project, fully coordinate the provision of various resources, and complete the standard-setting work with high quality; he hoped that after the demonstration benchmark was set up in the Zhejiang base, all bases would be covered and promoted; it is hoped that the achievement of systematic standard-setting work can effectively promote the company's fine management and lead the company's high-quality development.

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