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GAC GROUP invested in the establishment of a new company to sell graphene-containing materials.
Sep 9,2020 16:26CST
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SMM News: September 7, GAC GROUP's first internal incubation technology innovation company-Guangzhou Juwan Technical Research Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Juwan Technical Research") completed registration. The company has a registered capital of 58.82 million yuan and is jointly controlled by GAC GROUP, Guangzhou Juwan Investment Partnership (limited partnership), Guangzhou Automobile Capital Co., Ltd., Huang Xiangdong and Pei Feng, of which GAC GROUP holds 22.52%.

Juwan technical research business scope includes: graphite and carbon products sales; graphene material sales; new ceramic material sales; battery sales and so on. Huang Xiangdong, former deputy general manager of GAC GROUP and the first president of GAC R&D CENTER, served as chairman of the company, focusing on promoting technological changes in the field of new energy and new materials.

It is understood that GAC GROUP began his research in the field of graphene in 2014. after years of exploration, he has obtained the preparation technology of three-dimensional structure graphene with independent intellectual property rights, and achieved key breakthroughs in the applied research and development of new high-energy fast-charging batteries, supercapacitors, nano-composite body and other graphene materials in the automotive field. At present, the cell, module and battery package samples of super fast charging battery have passed the preliminary function test and performance test, and the performance is excellent. Vehicle test data show that 80% of the charge is charged in 8 minutes, reaching the industry-leading level.

As an important achievement of GAC GROUP's research and development in the field of new materials for energy storage, according to the maturity of technology and market, Juwan Company will gradually develop its applications in the fields of super fast charging battery, super capacitor, car body lightweight, fuel cell and so on. when the conditions are ripe, the company's business will also extend to the upstream and downstream of the new energy industry chain.

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