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Chinalco East Light activates Innovation and efficiency potential
Sep 9,2020 14:30CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM Network News: since the beginning of this year, the sudden epidemic of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to Dongqing's production and operation. In the face of the challenge, Dongqing Company has taken a series of effective measures to carry out the work of resuming work and production in an orderly manner on the basis of ensuring the safety and health of workers.

Focusing on reducing costs, ensuring supply and demand, adjusting structure, innovating and implementing management changes and the concept of products and services, the company has comprehensively completed the production and operation targets for the first half of the year. In the first half of the year, the company achieved 102.5% of the planned JP output, 108.6% of the planned high-end alloy output, 108% of the planned total profit, and achieved the "double more than half" target.

"acceleration" in spring "double bumper harvest" at the beginning of summer

While fighting the epidemic with all its strength, Dongqing people have painted vivid pictures of ensuring production and promoting development.

Dongqing has taken a number of effective measures to innovate the mode of production organization, pay close attention to the production process, strictly control the casting links, improve the rate of finished products, and constantly improve the quality of products. The melting and casting area of the north line of the melting and casting plant tried to implement the casting mode of "one melting time and two casting times", and some furnace groups increased the number of casting elements per melting time, so as to widen the narrow opening of production. At the beginning of May, the number of aluminum alloy casting furnaces of the company reached 48 heats, and the maximum casting capacity in a single day set a record.

At the same time, Dongqing focuses on the production task of high-end alloy, improving operation quality and operation efficiency by constantly adjusting structure, strengthening quality and promoting balance. The medium and heavy plate factory focuses on Class A products, high-end alloy and deliverable contracts to protect ingots in advance and give priority to arranging contracts to track production. The cadres and employees of Dongqing forging process optimize the process production operation by virtue of the "three unbelief" spirit of "do not believe that there are tasks that cannot be accomplished, do not believe that there are difficulties that cannot be overcome, and do not believe that there are goals that cannot be achieved". Adopt the production mode of punching holes after twice forging to improve the quality and efficiency of the "acceleration" to once again refresh the monthly production record.

In the second quarter, as the national epidemic prevention and control situation continued to improve, market demand rebounded steadily. Dongqing Marketing Center seizes the opportunity, increases the intensity of market development, and combines the positioning of strategic guarantee products and competitive advantage products to determine the development direction of new users and new varieties. In the first half of the year, orders for Dongshan high-end alloy increased by 26.3% year on year, and sales of high-end alloy products increased by 59.8%.

First-class standard-setting, efficiency and growth rate shift

Dongqing conscientiously implements the overall requirements of Yao Lin, secretary and chairman of the party group of Chinalco Group, on "first-class benchmarking" and "strengthening three orientations and carrying out all-factor benchmarking". Comprehensively align with the advanced level of the same industry, actively increase pressure, seek self-breakthrough, and strive to build an industry leader with leading indicators, leading equipment and leading technology.

Dongqing has set up the target framework of benchmarking work in eight aspects, such as improving market possession, innovation, profitability, and party building ability. and formulated and implemented the "Dongqing overall Plan for the Promotion of benchmarking work", "2020 benchmarking work implementation Plan" and "benchmarking Project Evaluation Plan".

"by using the method of" breaking up into parts ", the standard work plan will be decomposed into all elements, and each first-level project index will be calibrated with advanced enterprises in the same industry, so as to ensure that after the stage results are gradually achieved, the completion of the overall goal will be promoted finally." Wang Dawei, manager of the strategic development department of Dongqing Light, said.

The direction is set and the action is speeded up. Dongqing regards the benchmarking work as the banner direction of increasing production, focusing on the shortcomings such as low capacity utilization and low rate of finished products, and activating the potential of innovation and efficiency in the continuous benchmarking.

The medium and heavy plate factory makes a systematic analysis of the causes of the problems with reference to the factor modeling method, defines the key elements to formulate improvement measures, produces party members' vanguard Kanban against benchmarking, accepts everyone's supervision at any time, and finds power through gap, taps potential through management, pays close attention to the product yield, and promotes the continuous optimization of the index. after half a year's efforts, the full-caliber and full-process yield of 7-series alloy for medium and heavy plate has increased by 4.28% compared with last year.

The coating rate, trimming quantity and surface quality of composite materials will directly lead to the problems of low production efficiency and high cost. The strip factory has set up a "composite" calibration team to actively carry out calibration factor analysis in the way of "trinity" of production, technology and equipment, optimize vertical roll edge force and pass, and use new straight-edge crystallizer to effectively improve the yield of finished products. In the first half of the year, the output of composite materials increased by 12.2% compared with the

At present, Dongqing has completed 204 benchmarking projects, and all the work is moving steadily towards specialization, standardization and systematization, with remarkable production targets and economic benefits.

Building a bridge to activate the new momentum of development

The East Light Party Committee integrates into the center to grasp party building, deeply integrates party building with all kinds of work of production and management, earnestly turns the advantages of party building into development advantages, and integrates the brand of party construction into the concrete practice of production and operation, innovation and efficiency, so that the advantages of party organizations can be transformed into the source of vitality to promote the development of enterprises. At the same time, the company continues to strengthen the construction of innovation platform, through "two belts, two innovation", "joint construction" and other party building platforms to further stimulate party members' enthusiasm for innovation and efficiency, so that party members become the backbone of enterprises to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and innovate and develop.

The grass-roots party organizations of East Light identify the integration and strength points of branch construction and business, and select and send party members to participate in production tasks, project construction, and other work, to ensure that key posts are led by party members, key links are held by party members, and party members are held by party members at critical moments. The party branch of Dongqing Special Materials Co., Ltd. regards "breaking through the narrow mouth of thin-walled pipe drawing material" as the charge project of "two belts and two innovation" activities. Through the charge of party members, it leads the staff to overcome difficulties and optimize the production operation of the forging process. Actively strive for sufficient processing time for the subsequent production process, win the thin-walled pipe assault battle, and increase the monthly delivery volume by 20%. It has created a new record for monthly delivery of thin-walled pipes in recent years.

Wang Hongjun, secretary of the party branch of Dongqing Special Materials Co., Ltd., told the reporter: "the forging party branch clearly defines the responsibilities and objectives of the 'two belts and two innovation' project, so as to achieve more accurate process management and control, integrate more closely with the depth of production and management, and ensure the smooth implementation of the project." to achieve the desired results. "

At present, various units of East Light are carrying out "five forces" large-scale discussion activities, and at the same time, in the way of "joint construction and joint construction", deepen the big discussion and the actual effect of party building activities, and earnestly strengthen the close cooperation among various units. efforts should be made to solve the weak links in the process of production and operation, promote project results, and help enterprises achieve the overall goal of high-quality development.

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