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Tangshan: strengthen provident fund information data sharing and law enforcement inspection
Sep 9,2020 10:31CST
Source:Viewpoint real estate network
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SMM: on Sept. 8, according to the official account "Tangshan provident fund" of Wechat, the housing provident fund management center of Tangshan City, Hebei Province, Tangshan recently issued "opinions on establishing and improving the working mechanism to promote the development of housing provident fund" and put forward some suggestions on how to improve the working mechanism.

The first is to establish a mechanism for work exchange and communication and a mechanism for consultation on policy matters. The second is to establish a mechanism for information and data sharing, strengthen the construction of information and data exchange and sharing, and promote information interconnection. The "opinion" proposes that it is necessary to establish and improve the sharing, exchange and inquiry mechanism of legal person, identity household registration, marriage registration, social security, housing transaction registration, real estate registration, credit, commercial housing loans, and so on, to provide support for the verification and verification of housing provident fund deposit, withdrawal, loans and other related information.

In addition, the "opinion" proposes to improve the cooperation mechanism for law enforcement inspection and establish a feedback mechanism for notification, evaluation and evaluation. Among them, the relevant departments and units should manage the illegal intermediary to assist the workers in defrauding the housing accumulation fund, fraudulently obtaining the housing accumulation fund loan and so on, so as to maintain the management order of the housing accumulation fund; carry out special law enforcement actions on the behavior of real estate development enterprises obstructing and refusing to pay workers to use housing accumulation fund loans in a disguised form.

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