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Huicheng: seize the opportunity to develop imported aluminum alloy business
Sep 8,2020 13:23CST
Source:Huicheng international trading co., Ltd.
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SMM News: the New solid waste Law was formally promulgated on September 1, 2020, and China strives to basically achieve zero import of solid waste by the end of 2020. As early as April 2019, the solid waste Department of the Ministry of Environment announced that a new industry standard for converting solid waste into resources would be introduced in 2020.

Huicheng International Trading Co., Ltd. is keenly aware that after the implementation of this policy, the amount of imported waste aluminum will decrease. From October 2019, the team quickly investigated the overseas aluminum alloy market and selected high-quality suppliers from production equipment, production capacity, quality certification system, transportation and other links. With the assistance of Shanghai Nonferrous Network, we have actively carried out domestic trade and steadily imported aluminum alloy ingots to domestic small and medium-sized aluminum alloy factories and traders every month from November 2019, among which many well-known brand enterprises have stable quality. service recognition has been praised and renewed by buyers.

Huicheng International Trading Co., Ltd. will continue to develop its overseas resource advantages and rich international trade experience to serve the Chinese market.

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