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[property market today] Beijing Financial Street released "Jinkai Ten articles" * Taihe debt restructuring plan is being confirmed with all parties * Hangzhou Xintiandi 4 billion ABS status updated to "feedback"
Sep 8,2020 10:43CST
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SMM9, March 8: [Beijing Financial Street issues "Jinkai Ten articles" eligible institutions will receive 50 million subsidies] on the 7th, the new policy of "Jinkai Ten articles" in Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, was released, which clearly will fully undertake the task of national financial reform and opening up. In order to attract financial institutions to move in, qualified enterprises can receive a subsidy of 50 million yuan; in order to attract outstanding financial talents, Xicheng will integrate public resources in the region to provide them with services such as medical treatment, school attendance, residence, household registration and so on. "check the details."

[Taihe debt restructuring plan is working with all parties to confirm that Vanke is still in progress] in response to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's inquiry letter on its semi-annual report, 000732.SZ replied on the evening of September 3, including the reasons for the substantial increase in advance payments, related party borrowing, debt restructuring and other related issues. With regard to the closely watched progress of debt restructuring, Taihe replied, "up to now, the company's debt restructuring plan is being communicated and determined, and the company will form a comprehensive debt restructuring plan as soon as possible to protect the rights and interests of creditors and all parties in the company." Since the beginning of this year, Taihe has failed to complete the timely payment of 17 Taihe MTN001, 18 Taihe 01, 17 Taihe MTN002, 17 Taihe 01 principal and interest.

[Beijing optimizes the layout of duty-free shops and promotes the rational transformation of land use types for different industries] it has been disclosed that the State Council has agreed in principle to "deepen the work plan for a new round of comprehensive pilot projects in Beijing to expand the opening up of the service industry and build a national comprehensive demonstration zone for the service industry." With regard to deepening reform and expanding opening up in key sectors of the service industry, the "plan" mentioned that it will support Wangfujing pedestrian Street in creating an international consumption environment and a high-quality business environment, and creating an international consumption area. Optimize the layout of duty-free shops in the city, coordinate and coordinate the setting up of departure and pick-up points for duty-free shops in the airport isolation area, and implement the relevant policies of duty-free shops. "check the details."

[Huayuan 825 million yuan bid for a homestead premium rate of 29.92%] on September 8, the Yuhang Branch of Hangzhou Planning and Natural Resources Bureau sold a piece of land after 33 rounds of bidding. Hangzhou Huayuan Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. (Huayuan) won the site with an upper limit price of 825 million yuan, with a floor price of 11700 yuan per square meter, a premium rate of 29.92% and a competition ratio of 9%. "check the details.

[excellent first entry to Wuhan with a base price of 2.66 billion yuan to seize the residence of Hanyang wire rope manufacturers] on September 8, Wuhan publicly sold the former Hanyang wire rope factory plot of Hanyang Sixin version, lot number P (2020) 026. It is understood that the final piece of land won by Wuhan Zhuo Real Estate Co., Ltd., the transaction price is 2.66 billion yuan, the floor price is 8574.65 yuan / square meter. Wuhan Zhuo Real Estate Co., Ltd. is indirectly owned by Shenzhen Excellence Group. And this land acquisition is also the first time that Outstanding Group has entered the Wuhan market.

[Hangzhou Xintiandi 4 billion ABS status updated to "feedback"] according to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the project status of Hangzhou Xintiandi asset support special plan is updated to "feedback". Data show that the above bond category ABS, plans to issue 4.001 billion yuan, the issuer is Hangzhou Linan Binhu Xintiandi Investment Co., Ltd., underwriter / manager China International Finance Co., Ltd.

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