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Optimizing the layout of duty-free shops in Beijing to promote the rational transformation of different industrial land types
Sep 8,2020 10:34CST
Source:Viewpoint real estate network
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SMM: on Sept. 7, it was revealed that the State Council has agreed in principle to "deepen the work plan for a new round of comprehensive pilot projects for the opening up of the service industry in Beijing to build a national comprehensive demonstration zone for the service industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan").

With regard to deepening reform and expanding opening up in key sectors of the service industry, the "plan" mentioned that it will support Wangfujing pedestrian Street in creating an international consumption environment and a high-quality business environment, and creating an international consumption area. Optimize the layout of duty-free shops in the city, coordinate and coordinate the establishment of departure pick-up points for duty-free shops in the airport isolation area, and implement the relevant policies of duty-free shops.

With regard to promoting the demonstration and development of the service industry in key parks, the Plan mentioned that it should support the creation of a venture capital agglomeration area based on the Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation demonstration Zone, and on the basis of "one park, one district". To create a leading area for the development of digital trade, relying on the Future Science City and Huairou Science City, to promote the innovation and development of services for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Take Haidian Park of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation demonstration Zone as the carrier, create an ecological agglomeration area of cloud application and open source software, and create a financial science and technology innovation demonstration zone with Financial Street, national financial science and technology demonstration zone and Lize financial business district as the main position. rely on the national cultural and financial cooperation demonstration zone and the national cultural industry innovation experimental zone to support the development of cultural innovation; Taking Tongzhou cultural tourism area as the leader, we will create a demonstration area for the integrated development of a new type of sports and tourism.

At the same time, the Plan also puts forward specific provisions for the formation of an international institutional innovation system and the optimization of the supply of factors for the open development of the service industry. Among them, the Program clearly supports the improvement of land support and technical support.

First, we should promote the rational transformation of different types of industrial land on the premise of meeting the requirements of land spatial planning and use control. Second, explore and implement the comprehensive land use model, under the premise of non-conflict between uses and functions, define compatible land types and proportions, and realize that a piece of land has multiple land uses and building compound use (except residential use). The land transfer fee shall be calculated according to the building area of different uses and shall not be divided and transferred.

Third, to ensure the use of land in the industrial chain. Fourth, we will carry out pilot projects to facilitate the flow of innovative elements across borders, support offshore innovation and entrepreneurship, and support foreign scientists to take the lead in undertaking government-supported science and technology projects.

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