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Explore the high-quality development path of copper processing industry and plan a new pattern of industrial development
Sep 4,2020 10:47CST
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SMM: September 3, 2020 China Copper processing Industry Annual Conference and China (Tongling) Copper Industry High quality Development Conference held in Tongling, Anhui Province. With the theme of "Great changes and New opportunities", the conference deeply discussed the high-quality development path of China's copper processing industry around the hot spots such as improving the industrial development environment, building an ecological chain of collaborative innovation, integrating new infrastructure and expanding copper application. We will actively plan a new pattern of the development of China's copper processing industry, with domestic and international double cycles promoting each other, and strive to build China into a world copper processing power. The conference attracted more than 1100 participants from more than 500 copper processing enterprises, including more than 450 people above the level of deputy general manager.

The conference is co-sponsored by China Nonferrous Metals processing Industry Association, Tongling Municipal people's Government, Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group holding Co., Ltd., Tongling Economic Information Bureau, Tongling Copper Industry Association, Tongling Jingda Special electromagnetic Wire Co., Ltd., Hailiang Co., Ltd., Chujiang New Materials, China Copper Huazhong Copper, Ningbo Jintian and other 34 enterprises. The meeting received strong support from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and the relevant departments of the Tongling Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.

GE Honglin, member of the standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and secretary of the Party Committee of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association; Zhao Zhenhua, Deputy Secretary of Tongling Municipal CPC Committee; Jiangchuan, Department of Nonferrous Materials Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; he Jilin, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Qiu Xiaohua, Chief Economist of Sunshine Insurance Group; Cheng Shuanglin, standing Committee member and Executive Vice Mayor of Tongling City; Pan Ronghua, standing Committee member and Minister of propaganda; Wang Ganggen, Vice Mayor; Gong Huadong, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group holding Co., Ltd., and Xia Xianzhang, deputy director of the raw materials department of Anhui Economic and Information Office, attended the opening ceremony. GE Honglin, Zhao Zhenhua, Jiangchuan and Gong Huadong respectively addressed the conference. The opening ceremony was presided over by Fan Shunke, deputy secretary of the party committee of China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association and chairman of China Nonferrous Metal processing Industry Association.

GE Honglin said in his speech that the management quality of the copper processing industry has further improved in 2019, showing three new momentum and new bright spots: first, the copper processing industry achieved net export for the first time, marking the quality of copper processing external circulation, which has been further improved; second, the concentration of the copper processing industry has been further improved, and its international competitiveness has been further enhanced; third, scientific and technological achievements in the copper processing industry have continued to emerge, and the process of industrialization has been accelerated.

But at the same time, he pointed out that the fundamental problems restricting the growth of China's copper processing industry from large to strong still exist: first, the internal and external environment of the industry urgently needs to be improved; second, the industry's high-end products are still controlled by people; third, the industry ecosphere has not yet been formed.

In order to actively meet the challenges and strive to promote the high-quality development of the copper processing industry, GE Honglin emphasized three points: first, to handle the relationship between the development of the copper processing industry and the ecological environment with high standards and strict requirements. At a forum on promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta held in Hefei, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the Yangtze River Delta region is the leader of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and should not only be in the forefront of economic development, but also take the lead in ecological protection and construction. The Yangtze River Delta is the gathering place of the copper processing industry, so we must properly implement the spirit of the General Secretary's instructions, never touch the bottom line of environmental protection, and have high standards and strict requirements, which is also the lifeline of enterprises.

The second is to actively integrate into the national strategy to create a new situation of double cycle in the copper processing industry. In particular, it is necessary to seize the new demand for high-end copper-based materials brought by the "new infrastructure" to fully meet the needs of new energy vehicles and charging piles, 5G base stations, industrial Internet, big data Center, artificial intelligence, etc., which will increase high-end copper strips, foils, rods and wires. At the same time, it is necessary to turn new demand into a new driving force for independent innovation, increase investment in science and technology, speed up the research and development of high-end and personalized products, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

The third is to actively expand the application of copper and activate a new type of copper consumption. This year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology commissioned the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association to carry out a study on the strategy of expanding the consumption of high-end copper materials, and the processing Association has undertaken specific work, and has organized relevant enterprises, institutions, and colleges and universities to hold many seminars. Choose copper-iron alloy and copper water pipes as the starting point to create typical demonstration applications and tap the consumption potential of copper alloys. Expanding the application of copper is a matter for the whole industry, which requires everyone to participate in it for a long time.

Tongling is known as "the ancient copper capital of China and the contemporary copper base", and the copper industry is the most advantageous leading industry in Tongling. Zhao Zhenhua said that in recent years, Tongling has adhered to the concept of "grasping copper, extending copper, not only copper, surpassing copper", comprehensively strengthening scientific and technological innovation, and making efforts to extend the industrial chain. it has formed a complete Tongtong intensive and deep processing industrial chain and the coupling industrial chain of related industries, which has been evaluated as the city with the longest copper industry chain, the most complete product variety and the highest technical level by the International Copper processing Association. He said that Tongling will pay close attention to the two key words "integration" and "high quality", adhere to the importance of development, put projects first, and put practical work first, and strive to achieve greater results in implementing the national strategy, achieving high-quality development, and constructing a new development pattern, and promote the copper processing industry to move forward to a newer, higher and better level.

Jiangchuan said: at present, China has entered a stage of high-quality development, and is speeding up the formation of a new development pattern in which the domestic and international cycles are the main body and the domestic and international cycles promote each other. The copper industry should firmly grasp the new development trend brought about by changes in the internal and external environment, unswervingly implement the new development concept, strengthen innovation drive, tap growth potential, and expand development space. He pointed out that this year, the raw materials department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will promote the development of the copper industry from three aspects: first, promote the application of copper products, make full use of the demonstration compensation mechanism for the first batch of key new materials, and speed up the application and promotion of copper alloys and other new materials. effectively release the market demand for new copper-based materials; The second is to strengthen industry management, through legal and market-oriented means, from the product quality, process and equipment energy consumption, environmental protection, safety and other aspects to put forward higher requirements for enterprises; the third is to improve the development level of intelligent manufacturing in the industry.

Gong Huadong said that after more than 30 years of development, Tongling Nonferrous Group has formed a copper processing industry chain with relatively complete categories, moderate production capacity, advanced equipment and technology, and a sound marketing system, and to achieve a sustained and stable profit of the entire copper processing plate. Copper foil, strip and other major products are well-known in the industry. As a basic industry related to national economic and social development, copper processing industry has broad development prospects and huge growth space. Tongling Nonferrous will focus on the requirements of high-quality development, adhere to the development ideas of high grade, differentiation and high added value, further strengthen the complementary chain and extend the chain, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of the company's copper processing industry. make every effort to create a first-class cathode copper production base, copper-based new materials manufacturing base, circular economy demonstration base and overseas mineral product development base.

After the opening ceremony, Wang Ganggen and Zhang Jilin, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Nonferrous Metal processing Industry Association, respectively signed strategic cooperation agreements with the China Nonferrous Metal processing Industry Association on behalf of the Tongling Municipal people's Government. Cheng Shuanglin, who presided over this link, said that this signing marks a new level of cooperation between the two sides. He hopes that the China Nonferrous Metal processing Industry Association will inject strong vitality into the development of Tongling copper industry. Tongling will also better borrow the association to continuously strengthen copper smelting and excellent copper processing around high-end high-quality scale, expand the industrial chain, and strive to open a new journey of high-quality development.

At the same time, the meeting also held the award ceremony of the outstanding contribution team of China's copper tube industry, outstanding entrepreneurs and advanced workers, as well as the award ceremony of "Top Ten Chinese Rod (Row) Enterprises". Fan Shunke presents awards to award-winning teams and individuals, and awards to the top 10 Chinese rods (platoon) companies. The award ceremony was presided over by Zhang Jilin.

At the keynote meeting, Qiu Xiaohua, Fan Shunke, Cao Qinrun, party committee secretary and executive director of Chinalco Luoyang Copper processing Co., Ltd. Li Lan, general manager of North Mining Lilan Science and Technology Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and other guests gave a wonderful report entitled "China's economy under the impact of the epidemic and the conflict between China and the United States", "measures to deal with China's copper processing industry under the normalized epidemic situation", "New infrastructure, new fields, new development", "the impact of novel coronavirus's epidemic on the overseas copper processing industry and the driving force for the growth of copper consumption in the future." Dr. Qiu Xiaohua, Chief Economist of Sunshine Insurance Group and Chief Strategy Officer of Sunshine Asset Management, gave a report on "China's economy under the impact of the epidemic and the conflict between China and the United States."

The conference is rich in content, and the Forum of Deans of Materials Institute and Research Institute of China Copper-related Universities will be held in two days. as well as a number of sub-forums, such as the Copper processing Market and Capital Forum, the Copper Strip and foil Industry Development Forum, the Copper Tube Bar and Wire and Special processing Industry Development Forum, more than 30 industry experts were invited to give wonderful lectures on copper market prospects, enterprise risk management, technological innovation and material applications. To provide ideas for promoting the transformation and upgrading of the copper industry and achieving high-quality development.

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