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Longhu won nearly 90, 000 square commercial accommodation in Ningbo with 4.278 billion yuan.
Sep 1,2020 08:21CST
Source:Securities Star Real Estate
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SMM News: 31, Ningbo sold 4 cases of land, the total starting price is 5.614 billion yuan. Among them, the site HS06-03-12a of Meteorological Road in Haishu District was won by Ningbo Xujing Real Estate Information Consulting Co., Ltd. (Longhu) with a total price of 4.278418 billion yuan, with a floor price of 19335 yuan per square meter and a premium rate of 27.20%.

The plot number is Yongchufa 2020-105, east to Huancheng West Road, south to Huancheng South Road protective green space, west to Kanjing Road, north to Nanyuan Street, land use for urban residential, retail, catering, hotel, commercial and financial land. The transfer area is 88511 square meters (including 79564 square meters of underground space). The volume ratio is 1.5-2.5, the building density is less than 40%, the green space rate is ≥ 31.5%, and the building height is 100 meters (the height limit for residential buildings is 80 meters). The starting price is 3.363418 billion yuan (including 3.058201 billion yuan for the residential part and 305.217 million yuan for the commercial part).

According to the transfer conditions, the construction of wholesale markets, apartment-style office buildings (including hotel-style office buildings) and apartment-style hotels are prohibited in the plot, and the proportion of residential building area (residential and supporting facilities) is not more than 70% of the total construction area. After the part of the hotel is completed, it shall be registered as a whole and shall not be divided.

The commercial part of the project (B1/B2) shall be held for 10 years from the date of the completion of the first registration of the right to the use of state-owned construction land and the ownership of houses, and shall not be transferred or transferred separately.

The land shall be built with a width of 16 meters according to the standard of the urban branch road, and shall be handed over to the district comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau free of charge after completion and incorporated into the management of the urban branch road.

In addition, the land should be fully decorated and delivered.

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