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Dance with the Black Swan to create a home owner who wants to "ride the wind and waves".
Sep 1,2020 08:10CST
Source:Viewpoint real estate network
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SMM News: when people are still talking about "braving the wind and waves of the sister" after dinner, the first home has already wanted to become the forerunner of "riding the wind and waves".

In the first half of the year, when the "black swan" cloud of the epidemic was still shrouded in the first half of the year, the first home buyers were already "roaming in brocade clothes at night" and started work in many fields.

For example, pioneering high-tech successively to Chongqing and Nanjing, driving urban innovation and development with science and technology industries; for example, creating the first Olai shopping malls general manager and deputy general manager to bring goods live, selling thousands of pieces in just two days and four hours; another example is Fuchuang pioneering Wuhan to start work through an international intelligent eco-city, helping Wuhan to fully resume work and production; if the first home property adheres to the front line of the "war plague", harvest the affirmation and attention of the owners ….

There are many such examples, quenching to improve themselves at the same time, we can see its underlying understanding and commitment to social responsibility.

As the saying goes, people who work hard will always be rewarded. Even if the epidemic has shut down work and sales in the real estate industry, it is still too early to recover the same period last year, but from the latest sales data of first-time home buyers, we can see that this goal is not far away.

Sales rose sharply in June compared with the previous month.

First Home recently released its latest sales figures as of June 30, 2020.

In the first six months of 2020, the total signed area of the first real estate is about 997000 square meters, and the cumulative signed amount is about 33.7 billion yuan; the average price is 34000 yuan per square meter, and the subscription amount that has not been changed is about 1.25 billion yuan. Achieve 42.1% of this year's sales target. And the average removal rate of new opening projects is about 80%, creating a number of regional sales titles.

In June, the signed area of the first home purchase was about 372000 square meters, an increase of nearly 40% over the previous month, and the signed amount was about 14.05 billion yuan, an increase of 60% over the previous month.

In fact, under the influence of the epidemic, it is reasonable to fail to catch up with last year's performance in the first half of the year. According to the opinion Index, based on a sample of 35 housing enterprises that have issued sales targets, nearly 90% of the housing enterprises failed to achieve half of their sales targets by the middle of the year.

Therefore, in this year's special case, the year-on-year significance of the data is not great, month-on-month changes may better reflect the changes in the trend of enterprises here. The first home purchase outstanding monthly growth data can be seen that it is accelerating to promote the "fast turnover" business strategy, in order to grasp the market window, achieve high-quality supply, and quickly eliminate new projects.

Source: enterprise announcement, opinion index collation

From these two curves, we can see that after the deep impact of the epidemic in February and March, purchases in May and June began to recover gradually, with sales growing by 166% and 60% respectively from the previous month.

At the same time, it can be seen that the growth rate of sales is significantly faster than that of sales area, which also reflects that its overall upgrade of the "first Manufacturing 2020" operating system is being further implemented.

In accordance with the practice of comprehensively upgrading the original manufacturing 2020 operation system, it will cover all dimensions of precision research and development, fine materials, fine construction and meticulous delivery, and carefully build core product systems such as Tianyue, Xiirui and Xiyue. Product and service quality to a new level.

The new case this year is that in March, when the buying atmosphere was not yet open, Xi Ruihui, a pioneer in Dahongqiao in Shanghai, sold 15 sets in just one weekend.

Some analysts pointed out that the residential polarization in Nanhongqiao area, the vacancy of improved ordinary housing between moving houses / old residential areas and foreign houses and villas, and the emergence of Xiruihui, to a certain extent, filled the gap between moving houses and villa areas. has become a local scarcity.

And in the first opening of May Day this year in Dongguan, the first Xiri House, the first 40 villas, that is, the "opening seconds out."

In addition, the lakeside of Tianshu Lake in Suzhou made its debut at the end of April and is said to have achieved a score of more than 1 billion yuan.

From this point of view, under the promise of creating "a new level of product and service quality", there can be more room for imagination in the second half of the year.

First home sales in June also showed that among the regions signed in the first half of the year, Beijing ranked first, accounting for 47 percent, Shanghai ranked second, accounting for 14 percent, Hangzhou accounted for 8 percent, and Tianjin and Suzhou accounted for 6 percent. It embodies its strategic regional layout of "focusing on the three core city circles of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and the potential strong second-tier single-core cities".

Its interim report pointed out that in the first half of the year, the amount of contracts signed by the three core urban circles reached 29.19 billion yuan, accounting for about 87 per cent. Among them, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region continued to maintain its status as a stronghold, with a contract amount of 17.64 billion yuan in the first half of the year, accounting for 52%. The Yangtze River Delta region integrated and upgraded, seized the market window, and achieved a contract amount of 10.41 billion yuan, an increase of 30% over the same period last year. During the period, the average removal rate of new opening projects reached about 80%, of which the opening removal rate of key projects such as Hangzhou Tianyuyun Heyuan Project and Suzhou Tianshu Hubin Yayuan Project exceeded 90%, and successfully built top-selling products in many regions, such as Sunhe in Beijing and Qingpu in Shanghai.

Pioneer Real Estate said to the real estate new media: "so far, the layout of the three major metropolitan areas has been initially reached, and our layout in the three metropolitan areas will continue to move forward in the future."

The 20 billion yuan strategic cooperation agreement with Sunac, which attracted attention at the end of last year, mentioned that a number of projects between the two sides in Hangzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Kunming and other cities are being actively promoted, and some projects have already achieved cooperation.

According to the news in April this year, Rongchuang officially started the construction of Wuhan's first international smart eco-city, which is not only an important symbol of Wuhan's comprehensive and orderly resumption of work and production, but also pressed the "upgrade key" for the transformation of Wuhan's urban construction.

The big stage of first-time property purchase

In fact, in the product to create quality living space for customers at the same time, under the epidemic, the role of property management has become particularly important.

It is also in this difficult period that the first home ownership company with the mission of "creating a better new life" has rapidly rolled out its property management business, and this platform, which was only established at the end of last year, seems to have thrived overnight.

According to the opinion real estate new media, the "first home property", which was established in August 2019, is 100% owned by the first property owner as its wholly-owned property management asset operation platform.

First home has always emphasized that all products and services are customer-oriented, and the starting point of setting up a wholly-owned property management platform is said to be to provide owners with better services of original quality and to enjoy a better new life.

As a result, after the sudden outbreak of the epidemic "Black Swan" at the beginning of the year, the first property quickly carried out large-scale action to eliminate sha, in public areas in view of the spread of the disease, and at the same time released popular science publicity on the prevention of coronavirus in the owners' group, and issued masks to the owners to protect the original owners.

According to some data, in order to provide customers with a healthier and better environment and reduce the risk of the epidemic, the staff of the first home property purchase have disinfected and cleaned the negotiation area, sand table area, floor, toilet and door handles, garbage cans, switches and other details many times a day.

According to June data, there are 37 property projects under management in 14 cities across the country, including residential, commercial writing and other formats, and 27 projects in the management field, with a total management area of about 8.77 million square meters. Among them, there are 17 property projects under management in Beijing, 3 projects in the management field, and about 2.39 million square meters in the Beijing area.

In so many projects, so far, the first-home property to achieve all in the management industry "zero infection".

Naturally, the value of the first-home property that has withstood the test of the epidemic, like other peers, has been more recognized by the capital market. According to the opinion Index, as of May this year, 24 property companies have been listed in Hong Kong, which is a closely watched industry.

"the target future property management scale is more than 15 million square meters, and take the opportunity to consider spin-off and listing, so as to effectively serve the achievement of the strategic goal of the first home purchase ecological chain of 100 billion yuan." Pioneering home ownership is disclosed in this way.

It is reported that the first home property will inherit the "four essence" quality of "original Manufacturing 2020", with multi-ecological property services, many types of value-added services, and many kinds of asset management as the service contents, and adopt the combination of service projects and external development projects. covering residential, OUTLETS complex, industrial parks, stock asset operation and other types of industry.

At the same time, the first home property also optimizes the brand-new system of traditional property services, implanting Internet + 's life service concept. For the owners to build the first Wisdom, Housing maintenance Center, Chuanghuanjia APP three major service platforms, owners can achieve online repair, access to community activity information, community notices and so on.

Ole tried the water and brought the goods live.

Although the epidemic has brought a lot of bad effects, it has also brought a lot of good changes, one of which is to accelerate online and offline links and integration-the era of national e-commerce has really come.

In early April, to Weiya for the Fudi Group live sales began, live with goods, live sales has become a window for most real estate enterprises to open sales. In fact, before that, the first OUTLETS complex project actually took the lead in starting the rhythm of live streaming and bringing goods.

According to the point of view real estate new media, at the beginning of the year, when crowds gathered in most cities and the passenger flow in shopping malls was limited, the first Ole officially began its live broadcast debut on March 7-8, and the general managers and deputy general managers of major shopping malls personally took part in the attempt to bring goods live to the Orlai industry in Wechat's official account and Douyin studio.

Data show that the products appeared in the live broadcast are popular styles of popular brands in various major projects, including GUCCI, BURBERRY, HUGO BOSS, BROOKS BROTHERS, COACH, LACOSTE, Balabala, Adidas, FILA, Li Ning, Skaige, and so on, covering nearly 100 mainstream brands of the first Olai.

During the live broadcast, the prices of all commodities appeared at unprecedented low prices, such as COACH, a new schoolbag with an original price of 7200 yuan and a discounted price of 3000 yuan.

It is said that due to the affordable price, the two major live broadcast channels online users reached tens of thousands. Through the four-hour live broadcast in two days, the first official account of Olai Wechat and Douyin went up tens of thousands of fans, with a total sales of thousands.

After the victory of the first battle, every weekend in March, the general manager and deputy general manager of 11 pioneering Olai stores across the country were parachuted into the live broadcast room, relying on professional product explanation, bringing goods through a total of 8 live broadcasts for the benefit of consumers.

In fact, the reason why the original Ole can be "foresight" to pull up the banner of live broadcast with goods is closely related to its advance layout of online channels.

Data show that the first home to create a huge commercial real estate platform to build China's largest OUTLETS operation platform, since 2019, the first Olai has been trying to sell online, online celebrity live broadcast, e-commerce and other models have also made some breakthroughs in continuous operation.

The first annual report shows that last year, 12 projects across the country unified the event time, using the new diversified marketing model of "online drainage + new theme IP+ service functions", and taking advantage of online channels such as short videos and live broadcasts to deepen consumer stickiness. During the event, the number of passengers exceeded 10 million, and sales exceeded 1.8 billion yuan.

During the epidemic this year, the first Olai online mall "Giant MAX" also began to resume delivery as early as February 10 billion.

"in 2020, the first Olai will make full efforts to omni-channel sales, relying on Juma X-ray Mall, with the help of online celebrity lead mode, through various live broadcast platforms to achieve comprehensive integration online and offline, and plans to complete omni-channel sales of 8-1 billion yuan for the whole year." Chuang Chuang believes that this is an opportunity for brick-and-mortar businesses to overtake at a bend in online retail channels.

The first Olai business has been distributed in 17 cities and opened in 12 cities across the country, ranking first in the layout and opening number of industries. It is reported that at present, Chuangju University has basically completed the strategic layout of 20 cities in five years, from the investment expansion period to the lean operation period, and its business performance has continued to improve by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Point of view real estate new media consult the annual report to understand that the first giant achieved a turnover of 7.83 billion yuan in 2019, a substantial increase of 53% over the same period last year. The number of passengers for the whole year reached 41.29 million, an increase of 32% over the same period last year.

The interim report for 2020 even shows that in the first half of the year, the first large OUTLETS achieved a turnover of 2.9 billion yuan and a passenger flow of 14.66 million people. Among them, in the unified marketing campaign of "creating 12 cities of Olai, hi buying 66 double stores", the turnover of 12 cities across the country increased by nearly 40% month-on-month, and Wuhan Olai increased by 100%. Beijing Fangshan Olai focused on consumer experience, complying with the needs of epidemic prevention, launched "off-peak shopping" to ensure the safety of the shopping environment and increase sales opportunities at the same time. The store celebrated its 7th anniversary with a total of 125000 passengers and sales of 44.8 million yuan, setting a new sales record.

Quietly top-notch

During the epidemic, many people began to improve themselves, their belief is "quietly top-notch, and then amaze everyone." This is clearly what first home buyers do, as described above:

Development, the project is promoted as scheduled, to achieve the rapid de-transformation of the project;

Property, stick to the post of war plague, upgrade the service system;

Commercial, live broadcast with goods "first hand" to achieve comprehensive integration online and offline;


But it moves much more than that.

On April 1, the first home ownership eighteen-mile store rental community took the lead in pressing the "restart button" at the end of the epidemic. Shibali Dian pioneered the rental community, a large rental community with a total floor area of 410000 square meters, which is planned as an enclosed multi-group community. "it is a modern long-rent product for urban young people to improve their living environment, and to build long-term rent products with complete matching, convenient transportation, multi-dimensional life and scientific and technological intelligence in the city center, and strive to become a model of long-term rent community in the leading trend."

According to industry news, on April 20, the operator of the science and technology industrial park under the first home ownership, Chuang Chuang Hi-Tech, landed a new project of 600000 square meters in Xiyong, Chongqing, a new city of science and technology industry dominated by the integrated circuit industry. The project will create a "core" center of integrated circuits, covering integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data and other fields, in order to lead the development of integrated circuit industry in the western part of Chongqing.

A month later, on May 20th, Chuang Chuang Hi-Tech entered Nanjing together with the East China Regional headquarters of 58 Group. CBD, in Luozi Hexi, headed by the East China Regional headquarters of 58 Group, cultivated and introduced Internet services as the core, gathered emerging technology industries supported by big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing, and led the development of Internet and digital economy industry in Nanjing.


After years of development, it has built four core business lines: residential development, OUTLETS complex, urban core complex and primary land development, as well as three innovative sectors of high-tech industries, real estate, cultural and creative industries, and long-term rental business.

Looking back, although it encountered a "black swan" in the first half of the year, the first home owner was "quietly top-notch" in most of its business, and it obviously wanted to be the one who "braved the wind and waves".

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