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PPT sharing | | International trade of photovoltaic products in China in the first half of 2020
Jul 31,2020 15:26CST
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SMM: July 22nd, sponsored by the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, the "Photovoltaic Industry Development Review in the first half of 2020 and second half of the year situation Prospect Seminar" was held online. Zhang Sen, secretary-general of the Photovoltaic Branch of China Mechanical and Electrical Commodities Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, delivered a theme report on "International Trade of Photovoltaic products in China

In the report, Secretary-General Zhang first introduced the foreign trade situation of China's photovoltaic industry. Secretary-General Zhang pointed out that in the first half of 2020, the overall mechanical and electrical foreign trade performance was resilient and slowly recovered, and exports to areas with serious epidemic conditions in Europe and the United States fell, but exports to ASEAN maintained growth, overall exports fell, but parts and components exports increased. At present, the uncertainty of Sino-US trade friction has increased, and under the influence of the epidemic, the export pattern of silicon wafers and components remained basically unchanged from January to May, and the competition among battery chip enterprises further intensified. According to the forecast of Secretary-General Zhang, major domestic production enterprises will accelerate production expansion, reduce costs and increase efficiency; the epidemic situation at home and abroad has temporarily curbed the demand for new photovoltaic installed capacity, but the price of photovoltaic products will fall further in the future, and photovoltaic product exports may rebound in retaliation after the epidemic. The United States, Europe, India and other foreign photovoltaic companies are actively expanding capacity, so trade frictions are likely to increase further. Secretary-General Zhang summed up the future development situation in one sentence: Europe and the United States in five years (2009-2013), domestic in five years (2004-2018), and Alafei in five years and in the future (2019-2023).

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