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[SMM waste aluminum column] the ADC12 price of overseas aluminum alloy ingots remains high and the domestic import willingness is low.
Jul 28,2020 14:59CST
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SMM7 March 28: aluminum prices rose 90 yuan / ton to 14670 yuan / ton today, the recycled aluminum plant kept the wait-and-see quotation flat, relatively speaking, the overall willingness to raise the quotation has increased. In terms of domestic prices, the quotations of large domestic factories maintain 13350 million 13450 yuan / ton, while those of enterprises using imported waste continue to maintain 13000 million 13300 yuan / ton. In terms of small and medium-sized plants, the price of a recycled aluminum plant in Jiangxi is stable, and the quotation of small and medium-sized factories and traders remains 12850,13,100 yuan / ton. In terms of import and export, Japan's ADC12 demand continues to recover, overseas procurement volume has increased, so that the actual overseas quotations continue to rise, and the price of China's exports to Japan has risen to 1520,1570 yuan per ton. Import ADC12 quotation rose synchronously, the current import Ningbo ADC12CIF (agreement-free countries) quotation rose to 150001570 US dollars / ton, the mainstream quotation maintained more than 1500 US dollars / ton, European ADC12 quoted price rose to 150000001520 US dollars / ton, but the current domestic and Japanese aluminum alloy ingots rose sharply showed a wait-and-see attitude, the actual transaction is not much. Due to a slight reduction in the number of spot ADC12 arriving in Hong Kong, coupled with rising overseas quotations, domestic traders and sellers are slightly stronger due to replenishment difficulties, as the price difference between imported aluminum alloy ingots and domestic supply narrowed, which is not accepted by many customers. The current market transaction price is relatively chaotic, trading at 12500 to 12700 yuan / ton, less volume, strong wait-and-see mood, forward prices in September to arrive at 12600 yuan / ton quotation. The current import profit has fallen back to 200 million 300 yuan / ton.

Aluminum prices rose 90 yuan / ton to 14670 yuan / ton today. In terms of scrap aluminum prices, the price of cooked aluminum in southwest China rose slightly by 100 yuan / ton, while prices in other areas remained stable. In terms of imported scrap aluminum, the current overseas zorba (95 metal volume, 2% copper crushed raw aluminum) Malaysia CIF price maintains more than 1000 US dollars / ton, and the processing fee after preliminary sorting, cleaning and treatment is about 100 US dollars / ton, which is still about 1500 yuan / ton lower than the domestic raw aluminum tax price. If imports are liberalized, domestic shocks are inevitable, and all parties remain on the sidelines for imported waste aluminum.

Note: import self-withdrawing is the ADC12 cash self-withdrawing price of Ningbo Port.

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