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Blue aluminum alloy products add a new variety φ 546Universe 335 hollow ingots successfully trial-produced
Jul 28,2020 13:10CST
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SMM Network News: after more than two months of hard work, the blue aluminum hollow ingot production line was put into trial production on July 22nd, completing the transformation work 9 days ahead of schedule, and successfully produced the first batch of φ 546x335 hollow ingots. After inspection, the appearance size and quality of the products meet the industry standard of wrought aluminum and aluminum alloy round ingots (YS/T67-2018), and the internal grain size of the product reaches the first level, which marks the success of one-time test run in the transformation of the production line, and adds a new variety of aluminum alloy products for the company.

On April 24 this year, according to the instructions of Yao Lin, chairman of Chinalco Group and the matching supply demand of hollow round ingots put forward by Northwest Aluminum, the Aluminum processing Division of Chinalco headquarters organized a special coordination meeting. It is clear that Lanzhou Aluminum will organize the production and supply of hollow ingots to Northwest Aluminum. After receiving the task, the company acted quickly and immediately held a special meeting to convey and implement Chairman Yao Lin's instructions and the spirit of coordination with the aluminum processing department, and mobilize management and technical personnel to obey the overall situation, overcome difficulties, and speed up progress. Resolutely complete the internal supporting supply tasks, and immediately set up a project team to organize the transformation of the production line.

φ 546x335 hollow ingot is a large deformed aluminum alloy product with high difficulty in technical development. In the face of new things that have never been met, while taking into account their own aluminum alloy production and brother enterprises' flat ingot supply plan, the vast number of technical personnel of the company are facing unprecedented pressure. Pressure is the driving force, everyone with the spirit of forge ahead, alloy production experience and scientific and orderly management coordination to promote the transformation of the production line. Based on the objective analysis of the existing site and tooling, and the demonstration of the feasibility of the transformation of hollow ingots, on the one hand, the company reasonably organizes the flat ingot planning, on the other hand, it draws up the project schedule according to the inverted schedule with trial production conditions before the end of July.

On May 15, after multi-party argumentation and improvement, the transformation plan of the production line was determined: make full use of the company's existing 70,000 ton flat ingot casting production line, add auxiliary shaft, drainage system, tipping mechanism, electric control system, hollow ingot core cooling water system and φ 546max 335 horizontal hot top automatic oil slippery hollow ingot tooling and φ 120 horizontal ordinary hot top tooling and other equipment and facilities, the transformation is compatible and switchable. It can produce not only hollow ingots, but also flat ingots and round bars.

After the scheme was determined, the technical personnel involved in the project worked overtime to keep an eye on civil construction transformation, tooling manufacturing and delivery, on-site installation and commissioning, which ensured the smooth progress of the transformation work. On July 10, the civil construction was completed; on July 18, the hydraulic tipping mechanism, core water pipeline, drainage system, electrical system transformation, frequency converter installation and maintenance and cleaning of original equipment and structural components were all completed. On July 19, hollow ingot tooling arrived at the site, and on the evening of the 20th, hollow ingot tooling installation, core water, natural gas pipeline, adapter plate connection and commissioning work was completed. On July 21, the commissioning of the equipment was completed and the furnace was washed. The whole process of the production line has the conditions for trial production.

On July 22, the transformation project was put into trial production and produced hollow ingots, achieving the goal of production line transformation and product trial production 9 days ahead of schedule. As of the 26th, the appearance size and internal quality of 78 tons hollow ingots with 6 casting times have met the requirements of YS/T67-2018 industry standard.

At present, the hollow ingot production line has met the demand of mass production, and the production process system has been compiled and implemented. in the next step, the company will ensure the smooth operation of the production line while doing a good job in tooling elimination and process optimization, ensure supply and demand in brother units, and constantly expand the company's aluminum alloy product varieties, enhance profitability and promote high-quality development.

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