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Zichen stainless Steel Co., Ltd. will start production this month.
Jul 17,2020 17:35CST
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SMM Network News: Zichen stainless Steel Company is the representative work of invigorating and reorganizing bankrupt enterprises in our region. At present, the enterprise is stepping up the maintenance and commissioning of production equipment, which is expected to be put into production this month.

These two days, in the production workshop of Chen stainless Steel Company, which is located in the Economic Development District, workers are busy overhauling and debugging the production equipment. Xu Ning, process engineer in the steel rolling workshop of Sichuan Zichen stainless Steel Rolling Plant, said: "at present, the equipment on site has been basically overhauled, and teachers from Beijing University of Science and Technology are being organized to debug and transfer the on-site equipment. We are expected to produce steel around mid-July."

The predecessor of Zichen stainless Steel Company was Southwest stainless Steel Company. after taking over the bankrupt enterprise, Zichen stainless Steel Company invested nearly 500 million yuan. On the basis of overhauling the original equipment, it also reformed and upgraded the production line, which made the production line more automated and the product quality more stable. It also laid the foundation for the enterprise to expand the product category in the next step.

Hu Jing, assistant to the general manager of Sichuan Zichen stainless Steel Company, said: "We plan to invest 200 million to 300 million yuan in the next step, and the next step of transformation is mainly focused on broadening the variety of products. At present, there is no production of 400 series stainless steel in Sichuan and Chongqing. So the next step is to expand the production of 400 series products. After the transformation is completed, we can produce 200, 300, 400 series stainless steel."

From taking over the bankrupt enterprise at the end of last year to putting into production soon, Zichen stainless Steel Company can complete equipment overhaul, commissioning and upgrading in a short period of more than half a year, in addition to its own efforts, it is also closely related to the support and cooperation of the relevant departments in our district.

"especially in our previous certification, it also includes the coordination of these elements, because it involves the transfer of the assets of the original company to the existing Zichen company, as well as the transfer procedures of some of our licenses. For example, our sewage permit processing, such as our water permit processing, the local party committee and government have given a lot of support," Hu Jing said.

It is understood that after Zichen stainless Steel Company is put into production, it will achieve an annual production capacity of 600000 tons of steelmaking and 1.3 million tons of hot rolling and pickling, with an operating income of 10 billion yuan. At the same time, the enterprise will also give full play to the leading role of the output value of 10 billion yuan, driving the economic development area to achieve an annual main income of more than 20 billion yuan.

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