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Yao Lin, chairman of Chinalco Group, went to Chinalco's international investigation to emphasize strengthening risk control to stimulate the vitality of the main body of the market.
Jul 17,2020 10:02CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM: on July 9, Yao Lin, secretary of the party group and chairman of the Chinalco Group, went to Chinalco to conduct international research and held a forum, emphasizing the need to establish a market-oriented management concept, strengthen risk control and fine management, strengthen party building work and awareness of rules, stimulate the vitality of the main body of the market, and protect the sustained and healthy development of the enterprise.

At the forum, the assistant general manager of Chinalco Group, Chinalco International Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Wu Jianqiang made an overall report on the basic situation of Chinalco International, the existing advantages and outstanding problems, and the work done since 2019. Other members of Chinalco's international leadership made supplementary speeches in connection with the work in charge. The heads of relevant departments of Chinalco Group put forward suggestions on the future development of Chinalco International.

Yao Lin affirmed the full state of mind, good work appearance and good work order of Chinalco international staff. He pointed out that Chinalco International has further unified its thinking, formed a consensus, taken measures and made certain achievements by carefully looking for outstanding problems. In the next step, in the process of implementation, we should continue to adhere to the problem orientation, find problems in depth, and constantly improve the methods and measures to solve the problems according to the evaluation, analysis and examination of the results.

First, it is necessary to make a clear strategic positioning. It is necessary to comply with the general trend of market development and take the road of intensive development by relying on technological innovation and fine management. It is necessary to give full play to the function of top-level traction and overall planning and coordination of this department, adhere to the combination of market mechanism and administrative management mechanism, integrate the advantages of various enterprises, and constantly summarize, improve and popularize similar technologies. It is necessary to seriously sort out the business model, adhere to the principle of "giving priority to us, opening up and cooperation", and take the initiative in cooperation; constantly learn from each other's strong points to offset our weaknesses, make great determination and make great efforts to strive for more innovative achievements and awards, and be a leader in the development of the industry. It is necessary to continuously improve the management ability, constantly improve the market-oriented evaluation standards, and carry out follow-up evaluation in a timely manner; adhere to equal emphasis on incentives and constraints, strive to be truly strict, dare to manage strictly, have a clear distinction between rewards and punishments, and encourage cadres to take responsibility.

Second, it is necessary to strengthen risk management. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive investigation around the capital risk clues, grasp the risk base, and formulate risk prevention and control measures according to the investigation situation. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive review, put forward specific goals around changing the mode of development and fundamentally reversing the atmosphere, issue rigid tasks, hold on to the end, sum up and sort them regularly, and implement the last phase-out management. It is necessary to comprehensively sort out compliance and contract management around such issues as whether the internal rules are consistent, whether the compliance work is strict, whether the implementation is effective, and whether there is a basis, and the legal department should take the lead in implementing the risk prevention and control work.

Third, it is necessary to further strengthen the work of party building and the awareness of rules. We should inherit and carry forward the tradition of "building branches on connections," persist in building party organizations on projects, promote the effective integration of party building work and production and management, and provide a strong guarantee for enterprises to become stronger, better and bigger. We should strengthen our confidence and determination to solve difficult problems and find ways and methods that suit our own characteristics. We must adhere to the combination of positive education and guidance with strengthening supervision and inspection, organize special forces to continuously carry out supervision and inspection, and seriously deal with problems found. It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of rules and enforcement, and seriously pursue and hold accountable those who fail to implement the responsibility for rectification and reform, and those who are perfunctory in rectification and reform. It is necessary to attach equal importance to both production and operation and rectification, and instill this concept into the hearts of the staff and workers, so that they can enter their minds, hearts, and actions.

Yao Lin stressed that Chinalco should strengthen its capital operation. Through the transformation of the mechanism, we should seek benefits from the market-oriented operation, and take a healthy and sustainable road of market-oriented development. It is necessary to pilot diversified equity in qualified second-tier enterprises, combine capital diversion with the transfer mechanism, explore the reform of mixed ownership in state-owned enterprises, and improve the allocation and operational efficiency of state-owned capital. It is necessary to promote the improvement of the modern enterprise system, improve the corporate governance structure of enterprises, speed up the transformation from "managing enterprises" to "managing capital", and further release the vitality and creativity of the main body of the market.

Yao Lin also exchanged views with the participants on some of the contents of Chinalco's international reform plan.

Before the forum, Yao Lin specially called on the cadres and staff of various functional departments of Chinalco International headquarters and had an in-depth exchange with relevant business personnel on the implementation of the main responsibility for production safety, market development, project payback, and other issues.

On July 13, Chinalco International held a party committee (expanded) meeting, focusing on implementing the spirit of the speech made by Yao Lin, secretary of the party group and chairman of the Chinalco Group, during the international research of Chinalco on July 9, focusing on strengthening and improving the "two gold" management and market development work, analyzing problems, finding causes, and putting forward countermeasures.

The meeting pointed out that Chairman Yao Lin's speech was in line with reality, which not only pointed out the existing problems, but also put forward the direction of improvement, reflecting the great importance and concern of the party group of the Chinalco Group to Chinalco International. It is of great significance for Chinalco to do a good job in its work for a period of time in the future. The vast number of cadres and staff should start with implementing the spirit of Chairman Yao Lin's research speech, extensively mobilize, form a joint force, unify their thinking and understanding, actively improve their work style, and speed up solving difficult problems.

According to the spirit of Chairman Yao Lin's research speech, the meeting studied and deployed the key work in the near future, requiring the company to implement the concept of intensive development up and down, unswervingly adhere to the "science and technology + international" development strategy, enhance R & D capabilities, and master core technology. speed up the transformation of achievements, so that people have nothing, people have their advantages, and enhance their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. It is necessary to emancipate the mind, be determined to reform, encourage early and pilot efforts, support the reformers, make good use of reform policies and tools, and rally and stimulate endogenous motivation. It is necessary to strengthen the ability of execution, do a good job in the tracking and supervision of key work, transmit pressure, and ensure actual results.

On July 10, Chinalco International held a special meeting to convey the spirit of Chairman Yao Lin's research speech to all member enterprises and cadres and employees of various departments in a timely manner, requiring all units to carry out special study and discussion, combined with specific reality, to find out the existing problems in depth, and put forward improvement measures. On July 11 and 12, Chinalco International continued the practice of the previous weekend and organized relevant personnel of Liuye and Shenyang Institute to hold "one-on-one" special meetings respectively, which put forward requirements for the in-depth implementation of the spirit of Chairman Yao Lin's research speech, and exchanged views on realizing the "two guarantees" and "two unchanged" and accomplishing the annual goals and tasks.

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