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Hebei Province issues the three-year Action Plan for the Cluster Development of the Iron and Steel Industry chain
Jul 17,2020 08:57CST
Source:Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission
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SMM News: in order to steadily improve the stability and competitiveness of the iron and steel industry chain supply chain, speed up the expansion of industrial chain clusters with good market prospects, high science and technology content and strong product correlation, comprehensively promote the construction of a strong province of iron and steel, and formulate this action plan.

I. overall requirements

(1) guiding ideology. Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the New era, we should thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on Hebei work, fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 10th Plenary session of the Ninth Provincial CPC Committee, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress in the midst of stability, adhere to the new concept of development, take supply-side structural reform as the main line, take the extension chain as the core, ensure the upstream, do the middle reaches, and expand the lower reaches. We will vigorously improve the quality and level of the development of iron and steel industry chain clusters, and further promote the upgrading of process technology and equipment, product quality, energy conservation and emission reduction, and circular economy. We will accelerate Hebei's iron and steel industry to move towards the middle and high end of the global industrial chain, value chain and supply chain.

(2) basic principles.

Adhere to innovation-driven, highlight the leadership of science and technology. We should put innovation and development in an important position, strengthen the innovation status of enterprises as the main body, improve the collaborative innovation system of industry, university and research, deploy innovation chains around the industrial chain, and allocate resources around the innovation chain. we will speed up the formation of an iron and steel industry system and development model supported by innovation-driven.

Adhere to structural adjustment and highlight the diversity of products. We will unswervingly promote the structural adjustment and layout optimization of the iron and steel industry, promote the joint reorganization, transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and comprehensively promote the development of the iron and steel industry in the direction of large-scale enterprises, modernization of technology and equipment, diversification of production processes and diversification of downstream products.

Adhere to interconnection and highlight intelligent manufacturing. Taking the comprehensive integration of informationization, digitization and intelligence of the production process as the starting point, the research and development of the key intelligent technologies of the whole process with independent intellectual property rights as the breakthrough, and relying on the system platform and application demonstration, omni-directional and multi-level to improve the intelligent level of the iron and steel industry.

We will continue to save energy and reduce emissions and highlight green development. On the basis of basically completing the transformation of ultra-low emissions, we will further improve the management level of environmental protection and energy conservation, strengthen the management of unorganized emissions, constantly optimize the structure of raw fuel, and actively develop and promote green steel in the whole life cycle. we will build a new pattern of harmonious development between iron and steel manufacturing and society.

(3) Development goals. Focus on strengthening the mid-stream production chain, stabilizing the upstream supply chain, extending the downstream application chain, and building a modern iron and steel industry system with moderate scale, advanced equipment, diversified products, reasonable layout, first-class environmental protection and efficient management. to create an iron and steel industry chain cluster with full coverage of Teyoupu products and extended to equipment, green building and consumer steel.

1. Large-scale main equipment. By the end of 2020, all blast furnaces below 1000 cubic meters (except foundry pig iron and special steel enterprises) and converters under 100 tons will be upgraded, and some of the reduced production capacity will be withdrawn. By the end of 2022, we will strive to complete the upgrading and transformation, and build a batch of demonstration blast furnaces and converters of 3000 cubic meters and above.

2. High-end product structure. Speed up the development and application of new high-end and key iron and steel materials, increase the proportion of high-quality and special varieties of steel, strengthen the quality stability of superior products with large quantity and wide range, and create a "pyramid" product structure. By the end of 2020, the proportion of ordinary low alloy steel and alloy steel will increase to 20%, and by the end of 2022 it will reach about 25%, providing support and guarantee for the upgrading of downstream industries.

3. Collectivization of organization. We will accelerate the merger and reorganization of enterprises and strive to build a echelon development pattern led by world-class large groups, supported by domestic groups with strong influence, and supplemented by new excellent and specialized enterprises. By the end of 2020, the crude steel output of the top 10 iron and steel enterprises reached 60%, and strive to increase to 65% by the end of 2022. Large enterprise groups have significantly enhanced their ability to integrate upstream and downstream chains.

4. Rationalization of spatial layout. We will steadily promote the transfer or orderly withdrawal of urban steel mills to the port and along the railway, greatly improve the capacity of railway and waterway transport, and basically form the industrial layout of "near the sea and along the railway line". The three relocation projects of Shigang, Hexiang and Taihang were completed and put into operation in 2020. The production capacity of Xuan Steel of Hexiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was all withdrawn in 2021, and the relocation project of urban steel plant was basically completed in 2022.

5. The production process is green. We will strengthen the control of unorganized emissions, promote the green transformation of the whole iron and steel industry chain, and greatly improve the level of utilization of resources and energy. by 2020, the utilization and disposal rate of solid wastes such as steel slag, blast furnace slag and dust will reach 100%. The comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel will be kept below 570 kg of standard coal. By 2022, the unorganized emissions of enterprises will be greatly reduced, the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel will be reduced to less than 560 kg of standard coal, and the process energy consumption will continue to be better than the national average.

6. Digital operation and management. The level of informationization and intelligent manufacturing has improved significantly, and the iron and steel industry has been deeply integrated with the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G and other new generation information technology. By the end of 2022, the digital and intelligent transformation has achieved phased results, and the labor productivity of the main industry of the iron and steel industry has increased to more than 1000 tons per person-year.

II. Key tasks

We will continue to consolidate the achievements of iron and steel production capacity, adhere to the development of green reduction, break through the pain points, stabilize the industrial chain, break through the key and difficult points, strengthen the industrial chain, find the right entry point, innovate, and extend the industrial chain. we will make every effort to build an iron and steel industry system with international competitiveness.

(1) to fully complete the tasks of eliminating production capacity in an all-round way.

1. We will implement the work Plan for capacity reduction of the Iron and Steel Industry in Hebei Province (2018-2020), comprehensively apply market mechanisms, economic means, and the rule of law to ensure that the production capacity of crude steel is reduced to 14 million tons by 2020, and that the steel production capacity of the whole province will be limited to 200 million tons by the end of the year to ensure the successful conclusion of the work of eliminating production capacity during the 13th five-year Plan.

2. We will continue to consolidate the achievements in eliminating production capacity, strictly implement the requirements of the "four never allowed", give full play to the joint prevention and control mechanism at the provincial, municipal, county, and township levels, strengthen supervision, inspection and remote monitoring, resolutely investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal and illegal problems, and strictly prohibit the increase of new production capacity in violation of regulations. strictly prevent the resurgence of suppressed production capacity and "strip steel".

(lead unit: provincial Development and Reform Commission, responsible unit: relevant provincial departments, relevant municipal governments)

(2) strive to stabilize the supply of upstream industries

3. Build a global iron ore resources guarantee system. Encourage large enterprises such as Hegang Group and Jingye Group to play a leading role, actively establish overseas production bases and trading systems for bulk materials, and constantly improve their say in iron ore trading. Guide the integration and reorganization of iron ore enterprises in the province, enhance the concentration of the mining industry, achieve large-scale operation, and promote green mining and processing.

4. Stabilize the supply of iron and steel smelting accessories. We will promote the simultaneous adjustment of the layout of coking enterprises and the iron and steel industry, gather production capacity to integrated steel and coke enterprises, and maintain coke production capacity matched with iron and steel. We will appropriately develop limestone, refractories, carbon products and other upstream related industries to strengthen the support and guarantee for the development of the iron and steel industry.

5. Improve the ability of recycling scrap resources. Further broaden the channels of scrap recovery and circulation, strengthen the selection and classification of scrap, improve the scrap processing process, and support the development of short-flow EAF steelmaking.

(lead unit: provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Department of Natural Resources, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, responsible unit: relevant provincial departments, relevant municipal governments)

(3) focus on strengthening and middle-level iron and steel manufacturing

6. We will speed up the large-scale transformation of the main equipment. Enterprises are encouraged to increase capital investment, speed up the implementation of equipment upgrading projects, improve the level of automation and intelligence, and achieve product quality improvement and consumption reduction. By the end of 2022, we will strive to complete the upgrading of blast furnaces below 1000 cubic meters (except foundry pig iron and special steel enterprises) and converters below 100t, and the main equipment of the iron and steel industry in the province has reached the domestic leading level.

7. Strive to promote the upgrading of high-end product structure. Support enterprises to carry out industry-university-research cooperation, speed up the R & D and industrialization of new materials such as ultra-light metal materials, 3D printed metal materials, alloy materials used in aerospace, and cultivate a number of high-tech iron and steel products. Encourage enterprises to optimize the technological process, improve the level of operation and management, expand a number of high value-added alloy steel and high-quality steel products, consolidate the market advantages of a number of "high quality and low price" products, and create a "pyramid" product structure.

8. We will steadily promote the development of collectivization of organizations. We will speed up the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises, focusing on the cross-regional merger and reorganization of private iron and steel enterprises. Efforts will be made to set up two world-class large groups, five large groups with more domestic influence, and 10 new excellent and specialized enterprise groups, and the echelon development pattern of the "2310-year Plan" has been further enhanced. We will explore and carry out multi-mode integration and reorganization among different production processes, and strengthen resource sharing and technical cooperation among different enterprises and related industries in the aspects of R & D and design, pre-iron processes and public auxiliary facilities.

9. The rationalization of spatial layout will be carried out in an orderly manner. Speed up the construction of relocation and transformation projects such as Leting Base of Hegang Group and Xingtai Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. We will give full play to the advantages of the transport capacity of the Shuicao, Qiancao and Huanghuang railways, promote the development of enterprises along the line, and focus on building the two major industrial clusters of Qian'an and Wu'an. We will promote the accumulation of iron and steel production capacity along the port in an orderly manner, focusing on the construction of four high-quality steel bases in Caofeidian, Jingtang Port (Leting), Fengnan Coastal Industrial Zone and Bohai New area. Give full play to the advantages of vanadium and titanium resources in Chengde to create an international first-class vanadium and titanium new material industry base. Steadily promote the production capacity shutdown and exit of Hegang Xuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

10. Continuously improve the green level of the production process. Improve the technological level of the ironmaking system, further optimize the charge structure, increase the proportion of pellets, increase the ore products into the furnace, and popularize the advanced smelting processes and technologies such as comprehensive longevity of blast furnace, high temperature air supply of hot blast furnace and non-blast furnace ironmaking, reduce fuel consumption and raw material consumption. Promote the development of electric arc furnace steelmaking short process, reduce the resources entering the production process from the source, and reduce the production of waste. We will strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction in iron and steel production, promote the recovery and utilization of residual pressure of blast furnace, the recycling of sintering flue gas, the comprehensive recovery and utilization of steel slag, and the recycling of water resources, so as to reduce the emission of pollutants. We will strengthen the control of unorganized emissions and promote the construction of "public transfer iron" and "public transfer water" projects.

11. We will accelerate the digital transformation of production and operation. Comprehensively promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the iron and steel industry, speed up the construction of intelligent manufacturing units, intelligent production lines and digital workshops, the sintering pellet process adopts fuzzy control technology and comprehensive control expert system, the ironmaking process is equipped with blast furnace expert system and data acquisition and model development technology, and the one-button automatic steelmaking mode is applied in the steelmaking process. Rolling, warehousing and other processes to build unmanned or few people on duty workshop. By 2022, more than 15 digital workshops will be cultivated and more than 3 intelligent manufacturing benchmarking projects will be built.

(lead unit: provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, responsible unit: relevant provincial departments and relevant municipal governments)

(4) actively expand the market of downstream steel industry

12. Create a high-quality plate production cluster. We will strengthen near-terminal cooperation with downstream enterprises such as automobiles, home appliances and shipbuilding, speed up the R & D and production of high-end plate products such as automobile panels, home appliance panels and silicon steel, and further expand the market of high-end automobile panels and new energy automobile steel. Plate production enterprises are encouraged to speed up the transformation of low-level hot rolling mills, promote the automation and intelligent upgrading of steel rolling production lines, and actively build deep processing production lines such as cold rolling and galvanizing. We will build high value-added plate production clusters such as cold-rolled sheet, coated plate and coated plate, and strive to achieve more than 30% of the deep processing of hot-rolled sheet by the end of 2022.

13. Promote the construction of section steel production base. Vigorously develop steel structure buildings, encourage enterprises to build steel structure demonstration industrial bases, and establish steel structure parts processing and distribution centers. Support enterprises to actively develop high-end products such as high strength, corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance, and carry out customized services to meet the needs of steel structure building components, so as to meet the increasing safety, longevity and personalized requirements of modern steel structure buildings. Guide enterprises to strengthen coordination and cooperation, co-ordinate project planning and product division of labor, further improve varieties and specifications, achieve differentiated and complementary development, and jointly create a wide range of section steel production bases with various varieties and specifications, such as H-beam, angle steel, channel steel, steel sheet pile and so on.

14. Consolidate the market advantage of wire and bar. Encourage wire bar production enterprises to carry out R & D and production of hot-rolled ribbed bars of more than 500 MPA and lead product upgrading. Promote the further processing of steel bar and wire products, establish and improve the processing and distribution center, and provide builders with processing and distribution services for end products such as brackets and welded nets. Support special steel enterprises to combine the transformation and upgrading of process technology and equipment, and develop special steel products such as bearing steel and gear steel.

15. Extend the chain of steel deep processing industry. Iron and steel smelting enterprises are encouraged to build steel processing and distribution centers and develop value-added services such as shearing and distribution. We will give full play to the leading role of upgrading and upgrading of iron and steel products, improve the development quality of the iron and steel products industry, and promote the quality and efficiency of a number of steel processing industry clusters with strong market competitiveness, such as standard parts, wire mesh, automotive parts, pipe fittings, and so on.

16. Appropriately carry out relevant diversified development. We will support iron and steel enterprises to develop a new generation of strategic emerging industries such as information technology, high-end equipment and new materials, and speed up the development of modern services such as modern logistics, financial services and e-commerce. Iron and steel enterprises with conditions are encouraged to develop in the direction of deep processing of automobile and machinery parts, steel wire ropes, steel strands, electric welding electrodes and so on. We will strengthen international cooperation in production capacity, encourage iron and steel enterprises to participate in the merger and reorganization of foreign iron and steel enterprises through various channels, and guide advantageous iron and steel enterprises in the province to invest and build plants abroad.

(lead unit: provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, responsible unit: relevant provincial departments and relevant municipal governments)

III. Safeguard measures

(1) increase fiscal, taxation and financial support. We will properly implement preferential tax policies such as enterprise merger and reorganization, industrial waste heat and pressure power generation, comprehensive utilization of resources, pre-tax deduction of research and development expenses, and export tax rebate; for enterprises that discharge atmospheric and water pollutants that are 30% or more than 50% lower than national and local standards, environmental protection tax shall be reduced according to regulations. Implement the financial policy of keeping control, actively provide credit support in accordance with the principles of risk control and commercial sustainability, and encourage qualified private iron and steel enterprises to list and raise funds on the main boards of Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges (small and medium-sized boards), gem and science and technology board, reward according to the standard.

(2) to make good use of land assets. Support the relocation, transformation and development of enterprises, and adjust the nature of land scientifically and rationally according to land space planning, overall land use planning, urban and rural planning on the basis of meeting the requirements of soil environmental quality. If the land transfer contract or the land allocation decision clearly stipulates that it shall be recovered by the government, it shall be included in the government land reserve after the evaluation and payment of compensation, and the new site land may be obtained by way of agreement upon approval for the withdrawal relocation project within the same city or county. Enterprises that use existing industrial land to set up new industries or new forms of construction projects supported by the state may, with the approval of the municipal and county governments, continue to use them according to the original use, with a transition period of 5 years. After the transition period expires, they shall go through the land use procedures according to the regulations according to law.

(3) to stimulate the vitality of the main body of the enterprise. We should give full play to the guiding role of the province's funds for technological transformation and strategic emerging industries, and encourage enterprises to implement technological transformation and develop strategic emerging industries. Support private iron and steel enterprises to build high-level R & D platforms such as key laboratories, technological innovation centers and industrial technology research institutes at and above the provincial level, to establish engineering research centers in conjunction with Hebei University of Technology, Yanshan University, North China University of Technology and Hebei University of Science and Technology. Play a leading role in standards and encourage enterprises to host or participate in the revision of international, national and industry standards.

(4) establish and improve the implementation mechanism. To strengthen the guarantee of organizational leadership, the relevant provincial departments should perform their respective duties and responsibilities, and comprehensively promote the high-quality development of iron and steel industry chain clusters; the relevant municipal governments should fulfill their main responsibilities to ensure the implementation of various goals and tasks; trade associations should play the role of bridges and links to guide enterprises to actively participate in the development of industrial chain clusters. We will establish and improve the supervision and incentive mechanism, encourage various localities to promote the implementation of differential electricity prices, water prices and production suspension policies according to local conditions, and supervise and encourage enterprises to develop in the direction of green, intelligent and high-end. Play an exemplary and leading role, sum up the successful experiences and practices of enterprises in a timely manner, and implement positive incentives through various channels to form an atmosphere of competing for learning and catching up.

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