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SMM7 14. Shanghai zinc ingots are in stock.
Jul 14,2020 11:33CST
SMM July 14: spot prices fell, today's downstream procurement sentiment warmed up, spot rising water stopped falling and stabilized.
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SMM, July 14:

The mainstream transaction of zinc in Shanghai is 17945murl 18045 yuan / ton, Shuangyan is 17950copyright 18060 yuan / ton, and imported zinc is 17920mm 18030 yuan / ton. Zinc in Shanghai is generally quoted at 45,00055 yuan / ton in July. Shuangyan quoted water at 60 yuan / ton in July, imported zinc in July at 30 yuan / ton, and zinc mainstream trade in 17875, 17975 yuan / ton. Shanghai Zinc 2008 contract fell rapidly, the first trading session of the morning market closed at 17930 yuan / ton, the late market shock consolidation, morning holders actively quoted shipments, the market ordinary zinc brand transactions concentrated in the SMM net average price discount of 5 yuan / ton, the market quotation morning to 2008 contracts up 50 yuan / ton, after some consignors reduced the rising water price to 40 yuan / ton, but some large households in the market low rising water to receive goods actively, then the spot rising water low stabilized; Entering the second period of time, the market quotation is relatively stable, the holder raised the price of rising water to 500.55 yuan / ton for the 2008 contract; the spot price fell, the purchasing mood in the lower reaches warmed up today, and the spot rising water stopped falling and stabilized.


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