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Hebei Province completes the binding task of saving energy and reducing consumption one year ahead of schedule.
Jul 7,2020 11:43CST
Source:Hebei Provincial people's Government
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SMM News: the Development and Reform Commission of Hebei Province released on June 30 the results of energy conservation and consumption reduction in 2019 in the whole province (Hebei Province, the same below): the energy consumption per unit of GDP in the province decreased by 5.28% year on year, exceeding the national binding target of 17% reduction during the 13th five-year Plan one year ahead of schedule.

We will continue to promote structural energy conservation. High quality promotes the elimination of production capacity in high energy-consuming industries, reducing and withdrawing 14.02 million tons of steel production capacity, 10.06 million tons of coal, 3.34 million tons of cement, 6.6 million tons of flat glass weight boxes, 3.19 million tons of coke and 500000 kilowatts of thermal power, which can reduce energy consumption by about 10 million tons of standard coal per year. We will speed up the development of high-end R & D, information services and other modern service industries. The industrial structure of the third time has been optimized to 10.0, 38.7, and 51.3, and the "321" situation of the industrial structure has been further strengthened.

Focus on energy conservation in key areas. In the industrial field, public welfare energy-saving diagnostic services have been implemented for 118 industrial enterprises, 33 enterprises have been awarded national green factories, and Tangshan and other three places have been identified as national resource recycling bases. The energy consumption of industrial added value per unit of industrial scale and above in the province decreased by 6.07% compared with the same period last year. In the field of construction, the regulations of Hebei Province on promoting the Development of Green buildings will come into force on January 1, 2019. The 23rd International passive Housing Conference was successfully held, with a total construction of 3.166 million square meters of passive ultra-low energy consumption buildings, leading the country in the construction area. We completed the renovation of 8.08 million square meters of existing residential buildings and 1.6 million square meters of energy saving of existing public buildings. The proportion of green buildings in cities and towns in the province reached 84.5%. In the field of transportation, the development of special railway lines and multimodal transport was promoted. The province's railway freight turnover increased by 0.9% over the previous year, waterway freight turnover increased by 22.0% over the previous year, and multimodal container transport volume reached 269500 TEUs. In the field of public institutions, 200 demonstration units of municipal conservation-oriented public institutions have been created, and energy-saving renovation of existing building windows in 10 provincial departments has been completed.

We will implement preferential policies for tax relief and relief. To implement the policy of "regular reduction and collection of enterprise income tax on income from qualified environmental protection, energy-saving and water-saving projects", reducing or reducing enterprise income tax by 200 million yuan; implementing the policy of "regular reduction of enterprise income tax for eligible energy-saving service companies implementing contract energy management projects" for 22 enterprises, reducing or reducing enterprise income tax by 15.65 million yuan; The policy of "preferential value-added tax exemption for contract energy management projects" was implemented for 33 enterprises, and the value-added tax was exempted from 2.97 million yuan.

Strengthen the supervision and law enforcement of energy conservation. Special energy-saving supervision was carried out on 181 ceramic enterprises and 130 thermal power enterprises in the province, and 18 enterprises whose energy consumption per unit product exceeded the limit standard and 60 enterprises that used state-ordered eliminated mechanical and electrical equipment were ordered to rectify and reform within a time limit. The special supervision of iron and steel, coking, cement and flat glass enterprises in the province was carried out in the way of "double random and one open". The energy consumption per unit of products of 41 enterprises were up to the standard. We will monitor the implementation of the energy conservation examination opinions of 13 fixed assets investment projects, and order the three projects that have identified problems to rectify within a time limit. In the field of circulation, 6 batches of products of automatic rice cookers and household induction cookers were tested, and the indicators such as energy efficiency label, energy efficiency index and energy efficiency grade were all qualified. Differential electricity prices will be implemented for eliminated and restricted equipment and enterprises that exceed the energy consumption quota, involving 54 enterprises with electricity charges of 82.51 million yuan.

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Saving energy and reducing consumption

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