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[brief Review of lead in SMM period] long-overcast focus on Shanghai lead Night long-empty counterbalance
Jul 6,2020 16:46CST
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SMM7, June 6:

During the day, the main 2008 contract of Shanghai lead opened at 14585 yuan / tonne. Last night, short sellers made efforts, several downturns were fruitless, early trading left one after another, bulls low positions increased, non-ferrous metals generally rose, Shanghai lead fluctuated upward after small consolidation along the daily moving average, and some bulls made profits after reaching intraday highs of 14650 yuan / ton in the afternoon. Shanghai lead gave back gains, fluctuating above the 10-day moving average, closing at 14650 yuan / ton, down 40 yuan / ton, down 0.2727. The position increased by 303 to 26870, while the turnover decreased by 4866 to 19797. During the day, the sharp rise in A-share volume has boosted confidence in the financial and commodity markets. Shanghai lead has opened low and moved high, returning to the daily moving average to keep its 10-day moving average, but it is necessary to guard against the closing of Shanghai lead with 4 consecutive overcast, technical indicators still have signs of emptiness, the opening of KDJ indicators is still downward, pay attention to the counterbalance performance of multi-air forces at night, and it is expected that Shanghai lead will still be trapped in the range of 5-10 moving average in the short term. In addition, 2009 contracts and 2010 contracts add a total of 558 positions, far larger than the main 08 contracts, pay attention to the impact of the transfer of capital power on the price spread in the near and far months.

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