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Assist the "new infrastructure" charging pile project + 5G Lion Technology to sign a cooperation agreement with State Grid Energy
Jul 3,2020 08:27CST
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SMM News: on July 1, Mengshi Technology and the State Grid Xinjiang Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "State Grid Energy") signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement, and the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the areas of light-storage integrated charging pile project + 5G + new infrastructure.

In March 2020, the Politburo meeting proposed to speed up the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G base stations, data centers and charging piles for new energy vehicles. The move is also interpreted as an "accelerator" to promote China's economic transformation and upgrading. Among the industries and enterprises involved in the "new infrastructure", in addition to the traditional leading enterprises, innovative enterprises can also rely on their own advantages to become the "new power" of the "new infrastructure".

In recent years, Mengshi Technology has reshaped the core position of energy storage business through strategic adjustment, and used clean energy power engineering and new energy applications as auxiliary means to enhance the core competitiveness of the company's energy storage business. Prior to this, Lion Technology has a number of energy storage projects in Xinjiang, Tibet and other places to be connected to the grid or under construction. With years of experience in the field of energy management and its in-depth understanding of the core component of batteries, Lion Technology has obvious advantages in participating in the "new infrastructure".

In addition to cooperation with State Grid Energy in the field of "new infrastructure", Lion Technology will also carry out in-depth cooperation with State Grid Energy in energy storage equipment manufacturing, energy storage power stations, new energy, multi-energy complementary comprehensive energy and other fields. The specific cooperation is as follows:

1. Carry out energy storage equipment manufacturing project cooperation and jointly build the whole industry chain + supply chain platform base of energy storage equipment manufacturing.

2. To carry out cooperation in the field of energy storage power stations. To jointly carry out cooperation in the construction of energy storage power stations, we can adopt a variety of modes, such as investment construction, contract energy management, EPC, product security and supply, energy storage application solutions and technical and engineering project services.

3. Carry out cooperation in the field of integrated energy management. We will jointly promote the cooperation and development of projects such as integrated energy management services + 5G + new infrastructure in the industrial park. Relying on new technologies and new materials, the two sides can implement comprehensive energy management service cooperation in construction and other fields in Xinjiang, and further expand the space and fields of cooperation.

4. Carry out cooperation in the field of new energy. Taking the current joint construction project of 220kV photovoltaic booster gathering station in Jimusar County as an opportunity, we continue to carry out cooperation with plant and station construction and engineering construction as the main contents in the scenic mei oil storage multi-energy complementary industrial project of Mengshi science and technology development and construction, and continue to expand the achievements of strategic cooperation.

5. Carry out cooperation in the field of new infrastructure. The two sides carry out cooperation in the field of light-storage integrated charging pile project + 5G, and carry out the construction and operation of charging, power exchange and energy storage. Combined with the actual development of specific projects, the two sides carry out in-depth cooperation.

6. Carry out cooperation in the field of multi-energy complementary and comprehensive energy. The two sides jointly develop and build intelligent microgrids, local area networks and other multi-energy complementary integrated energy management projects.

7. Set up a joint venture company to carry out all-round cooperation. The two sides set up a joint venture company based in Xinjiang, facing the national and foreign new energy markets, and comprehensively carry out joint construction and cooperation. the high-quality projects determined by both sides will be merged into the joint venture company for joint development and construction.

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