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Chinalco Group: adhere to the new development concept and improve the market-oriented management system
Jul 1,2020 13:35CST
Source:China Nonferrous Metals Daily
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SMM: from June 15 to 18, Yao Lin, party secretary and chairman of Chinalco Group, successively went to Guangxi Huacheng, Chinalco Guangxi rare earths, Huayin Aluminium and Chinalco pingguo Aluminum Enterprises to investigate.

On June 15, during the investigation and study in Huacheng, Guangxi, Yao Lin and his party braved the rain to go to the construction site of Liugang wharf, ore belt corridor and transfer station, raw ore yard, raw pulp preparation, thermal power station, decomposition and classification project, etc., to sympathize with the construction personnel, listen to the report on the construction of the project, and put forward opinions and suggestions. At the forum held subsequently, Yao Lin listened to the progress of the construction of the 2 million-ton alumina project in Huacheng, Guangxi, and the report on the standardization, ecological and intelligent construction of Huacheng in Guangxi. fully affirmed the organizational concept, project quality and quality management and control of the project in Guangxi, as well as the mental state of the staff.

Yao Lin put forward five requirements for the next step of Huacheng's work in Guangxi:

First, we should improve our position, keep the overall situation in mind, and firmly set a model for Chinalco and the first development goal of the industry. It is necessary to conscientiously study General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important expositions on scientific development, fully understand that Huacheng is a new life of healthy and eugenic students, and guide the high-quality development of enterprises with new ideas. It is necessary to pay attention to the key points, adhere to a high starting point and high standards, do a good job in project construction, meet production and standards, and resolutely accomplish various goals and tasks. It is necessary to strengthen the party's leadership, integrate the party building work into the whole process of production and management, and promote the deep integration and resonance of the party building work with the production and management.

Second, we should unremittingly rely on scientific and technological innovation for development. It is necessary to create a model factory of the industry and become a leader in the industry through intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation.

The third is to firmly establish the concept of green development and optimize the design scheme.

Fourth, it is necessary to explore the market-oriented operation of state-owned enterprises and establish a perfect market-oriented evaluation mechanism.

Fifth, we should advocate the concept of co-building and sharing, cultivate excellent corporate culture, create a harmonious atmosphere, and build a solid foundation for building world-class enterprises.

On June 16, Yao Lin and his entourage went to the production and sewage treatment workshops of Guangxi Guosheng Company, which belongs to Chinalco Guangxi rare earths, such as acid dissolution, extraction, precipitation, and burning of rare earths, to understand the production process and management. Yao Lin stressed that it is necessary to pay attention to the training of scientific and technological personnel, do a good job in market segmentation, constantly increase the market share of products, enhance the market influence and competitiveness of enterprises, and conscientiously implement Xi Jinping's idea of ecological civilization. unswervingly pay close attention to the work of environmental protection.

After listening to the work report of the enterprise at the subsequent forum of cadres and staff representatives, Yao Lin put forward five requirements for the development of the rare earth industry:

First, we must conscientiously implement Xi Jinping's thinking on ecological civilization, pay close attention to the work of environmental protection, firmly establish the awareness of environmental protection from the aspects of planning, scientific research, construction, and management, strengthen scientific research on environmental protection, and make use of information and intelligent technology. do a better job of environmental protection.

Second, we should not forget the original intention and goal of industrial development, and improve the rare earth industry. It is necessary to focus on the upgrading of the industrial foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain, promote high-quality industrial development, and strive to solve the problems of rare earth resources, investment economy, scientific and technological innovation, the development of rare industries, and market segmentation.

Third, we should further emancipate our minds, have the courage to innovate, and establish an effective management mechanism. It is necessary to deepen the reform of mixed ownership in state-owned enterprises, establish a market-oriented evaluation mechanism, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of cadres and employees.

Fourth, it is necessary to scientifically plan the development strategy, strengthen internal and external coordination and communication at all levels, strengthen the strategic positioning of Chinalco Guangxi rare earths, give full play to the unique role of radiating ASEAN, firmly implement the strategy of "going out", and actively integrate into the development pattern of Guangxi. We will deepen the development of the rare earth industry, explore and promote the development of the rare metal industry, and promote the high-quality development of the rare earth industry.

Fifth, it is necessary to strengthen party building and the building of a clean and honest party style in enterprises, continue to do a good job in anti-corruption work, lead the broad masses of party members and cadres to take responsibility and act bravely, earnestly cultivate righteousness and cohesion, and promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of enterprises.

On the morning of June 17, Yao Lin and his entourage successively went to the production command center of Huayin Aluminium Thermal Power Plant, the production control center of alumina plant, the stope of Ma Pai Mine and the on-site investigation of ore washing process. Everywhere he went, Yao Lin listened carefully to the work reports of the relevant responsible persons, learned in detail about the development of various work, and had a detailed conversation with the relevant responsible persons on the practical problems existing in the process of carrying out the work. At the subsequent forum, Yao Lin listened to the work report of Huayin Aluminum, affirmed the achievements and actual achievements of Huayin Aluminum, and put forward three requirements for the follow-up work:

First, it is necessary to conscientiously sum up the good practices of the management team in recent years and study the solidification, so as to push all kinds of work to a new level.

Second, we should continue to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the staff, and maintain the continuous stability and continuous improvement of production and operation.

Third, it is necessary to make up for the shortcomings of retaining people and further explore and optimize the intelligent space. In project planning, we should not only fully consider the feasibility of project promotion, but also consider the economic rationality.

From June 17 to 18, during the research period of Chinalco pingguo aluminum enterprise, Yao Lin successively went to the production site of Guangxi branch, Guangxi Hualei and pingguo aluminum industry, and held a forum to listen to the enterprise report. For pingguo aluminum enterprises to further promote all-factor benchmarking, on-site management is organized and legal, effectively give play to the collaborative advantages of the industrial chain, grass-roots party organization construction strictly from the real, pay close attention to the acquisition of resources and power supply, cadres and staff strong leading consciousness and other aspects to be fully affirmed.

Yao Lin demanded that a positive incentive mechanism be established to encourage production workshops and employees to constantly explore the best balance between cost control and index optimization on the premise of meeting customer needs. It is necessary to firmly establish the idea of living a "tight life", especially to ensure the best rate of return on investment in project construction. The construction of grass-roots party branches should adhere to the integration of the party and the government, carry out party building work around production and operation, and ensure that party building work effectively promotes the central work.

Yao Lin stressed: first, we should not only clearly understand the shortcomings of our own existence, but also firmly maintain the confidence of being in the lead. It is necessary to give top priority to the development strategy, formulate and refine strategic development plans, further consolidate the advantages of existing resources, and speed up the acquisition of new resources. It is necessary to make a refined stock, improve efficiency, speed up market-oriented reform, and actively invigorate assets so as to maximize their benefits. It is necessary to vigorously carry out tracking and research on the downstream market structure, accurately assess the reliability and sustainability of cooperation, and avoid risks in advance.

The second is to treat the relationship between benefit and cost correctly. It is necessary to develop the habit of calculating first and doing while doing, set up market-oriented thinking, improve efficiency by reducing costs, rely on scientific and technological progress and the implementation of intelligent manufacturing to reduce costs and seek development, and continue to maintain the first-class level of the pingguo aluminum industry.

The third is to establish an effective incentive and restraint mechanism. Adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on incentive and restraint, take market-oriented benchmarking and evaluation as the principle, establish an incentive mechanism of reward and punishment, and encourage cadres and employees to pursue progress and common progress.

Fourth, it is necessary to further strengthen the responsibility system and do a good job in safety and environmental protection. It is necessary to strengthen the administrative leadership responsibility system for safety work, adhere to the joint responsibility of the party and the government, mobilize all staff to actively participate in hazard identification and hidden trouble investigation and treatment, constantly enhance safety awareness and skills in practice, and effectively achieve "I want safety". We should adhere to source control, compaction responsibilities at various levels, and make efforts to improve employees' safety awareness, eliminate hazards, and ensure the continuous and stable operation of equipment to achieve essential safety. It is necessary to earnestly increase the awareness and sense of urgency to do a good job in environmental protection work, strengthen measures, make continuous efforts, and unremittingly do a good job in environmental protection work.

Fifth, it is necessary to promote party building work to a higher level on the existing good basis, strive to create experiences and practices in the industry, and constantly move towards higher goals.

During the research, Yao Lin also met with Li Yanqiang, secretary of the Fangchenggang Municipal CPC Committee, and Ban Zhongbai, mayor of Fangchenggang, on the 15th, and the two sides fully exchanged views and reached consensus on further deepening cooperation.

Assistant to the general manager of Chinalco, Wu Jianqiang, secretary of the international party committee and chairman of Chinalco, Zhu Runzhou, vice president of Chinalco, and heads of relevant departments and enterprises of Chinalco participated in the above activities.

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