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SMM5 28 zinc ingots from stock in Shanghai
May 28,2020 11:52CST
SMM May 28th: the mainstream transaction of zinc in Shanghai was 16400 Mel 16520 yuan / ton, Shuangyan 16470 Mel 16550 yuan / ton, Shuangyan Zinc 130 Mel 140 yuan / ton in June, Shuangyan Zinc 170 Mel 200 yuan / ton in June, and Shuangyan Zinc mainstream 16320MUE 16440 yuan / tonn.Firstly, the price of Zinc in Shanghai was 16,470 yuan per ton, and that of Shuangyan was 16,470 yuan per ton.
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SMM, May 28th:

In Shanghai, zinc mainstream traded at 16400 Mel 16520 yuan per ton, Shuangyan at 16470 Mel 16550 yuan per ton, Shuangyan zinc at 130MZ 140 yuan / ton in June, Shuangyan water at 170,200 yuan / ton in June, and Shuangyan zinc mainstream at 16320ft 16440 yuan / ton. The Shanghai Zinc 2006 contract fluctuated higher, closing at 16245 yuan / ton in the morning market. Zinc prices have fallen, smelter shipments have been under control, the morning market from rising water 150 yuan / ton down to rising water 140 yuan / ton or so, transaction feedback is still not good, some traders take the initiative to adjust prices to 130 yuan / ton to promote trading, but the mainstream market quotations are concentrated in rising water 135murl 140 yuan / ton, another part of the average price-5 / average price transaction is OK. Into the second trading session, the domestic quotation remained stable, while the downstream brand Shuangyan due to import squeeze, the quotation was lowered, from the rising water 190lv 200 yuan / ton down to 170lue 180 yuan / ton, import SMC, YP quotation is relatively stable, quoted water 120murt 140 yuan / ton, downstream every fall into the market inquiry procurement, but bearish mood is strong, procurement control, the overall intraday turnover is slightly better than yesterday.


Transaction interval


Double swallow

16470Mutual 16550



16440 Mutual 16540

160Mutual 170

Qin Zinc and Yuguang

16400MUR 16520

130 Mustang 140


16390Mutual 16520

120, 140

in the afternoon

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