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[SMM waste aluminum column] the demand is poor, the profit space is still left, and the scrap aluminum yard as a whole is not willing to raise prices.
May 26,2020 14:24CST
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Daily review on the price of waste aluminum

The price of aluminum is up 100 yuan per ton today. Waste aluminum recyclers generally feedback that the recent downstream demand is not good, the willingness to increase prices is low, and in raw aluminum acquisitions, price reduction acquisitions. The cargo yards in Shandong, Henan, Guizhou, Guangdong, Shanghai and other places almost acted in unison. Except for a small number of recyclers with lower inventories, most of the holders quoted discount clinker prices at A00 aluminum prices today, while the prices of non-discount cooked aluminum and raw aluminum remained stable. As for the buyer, recycled aluminum enterprises due to the lack of ADC12 price rise, considering the impact of imported aluminum alloy ingots, are willing to reduce the purchase price, only a small amount of inventory to reduce the recent purchase of raw aluminum.

The output of domestic waste aluminum is divided by region (unit: ten thousand tons)

Price quotation of SMM aluminum alloy ADC12 on May 26th

The price of the recycling plant is stable as a whole. Domestic prices, the mainstream large recycled aluminum enterprises offer stable, concentrated in 13200-13300 yuan / ton. The cash price quoted by imported waste aluminum enterprises is maintained around 13000 yuan / ton. due to the market feedback that the inventory of imported waste is gradually reduced, the market ultra-low price has disappeared. In terms of small and medium-sized plants, the quotation of a recycled aluminum plant in Jiangxi is stable, and the quotation of small and medium-sized plants and traders is maintained at 12900-13000 yuan / ton. From the weekend to today, there is a general slight decline in the feedback price of waste aluminum market, due to the current poor demand and the expected arrival of ADC12, recycled aluminum enterprises are more inclined to maintain the price of finished products and suppress the price of waste aluminum to reduce costs. In terms of import and export, due to the current lack of overseas demand, a small amount of ADC12CIF was exported to Japan at a price of around US $1450 / ton. The offer for import of ADC12 is still active. The current quotation for import of Ningbo ADC12CIF (non-tariff country) remains at 1500-1580 US dollars / ton, while the mainstream quotation is concentrated at 1510-1520 US dollars / ton, and the spot ADC12 transaction price in Hong Kong is maintained at 12200-12500 yuan / ton.

Distribution Map of Price difference between ADC12 and A00 Aluminum from 2015 to 2020

Note: the import ADC12 price is the CIF price of Ningbo Port (no tariff agreement country).

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