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May 20 Tianjin zinc ingots in stock
May 20,2020 11:58CST
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SMM5 March 20:

The mainstream turnover of zinc ingots in Tianjin market was 16960mur18140 yuan / ton, while that of ordinary brands was 16960mur17120 yuan / ton. For the 2006 contract, the price of rising water was about 130yuan / ton to 260yuan / ton, and the price of Tianjin stock market was about 60 yuan / ton higher than that of Shanghai stock market. Today, Shanghai zinc high concussion, the spot market to maintain a rising discount price, the price is more divergent, the ordinary brand lark newspaper in the 06 contract quoted water 220 yuan / ton, Hongzhong quoted on the 06 contract quoted water 240 Mutual 230 yuan / ton, Chi Hong quoted on the 06 contract 210 Mube 190 yuan / ton, import YP quoted 130 yuan / ton on the 06 contract, high-price brand Zijin quoted water 260 yuan / ton on the June contract. Today's high zinc prices shock, traders and smelters quite the same price mood, but due to the current Tianjin market low-cost brands such as: imported zinc, Mengzi, fourth Ring Road and so on, downstream enterprises prefer low-price brands, resulting in poor transaction of high-price mainstream brands, before the close of trading at noon, the mainstream brands all have a price adjustment of about 10rel 20 yuan / ton; downstream, spot prices in Tianjin today remain high, and downstream enterprises tend to take low-priced brands. On the whole, today's turnover is still light. Zinc ingots were traded around 16910 / ton at 17070 yuan / ton.


Lift and discount

Chi Hong

Hong Ye

680 240Mutual 230


640 220

Purple gold

6: 260


6: 1280


6: 130


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