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SMM5 20th Ningbo zinc ingots in stock
May 20,2020 11:50CST
SMM5 March 20: Ningbo Gao mainstream transaction at 16940Mui 17040 yuan / ton, ordinary brand contract for 2006 rising water 130mur150 yuan / ton around, Ningbo than Shanghai ordinary brand price difference narrowed from yesterday flat water to 10 yuan / ton discount.
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SMM5 March 20:

The mainstream transaction of Ningbo Gao was 16940murt 17040 yuan / ton, and the price of ordinary brand was raised by 130mur150 yuan / ton to 2006 contract. The price difference between Ningbo and Shanghai ordinary brand narrowed from yesterday's flat water to around 10 yuan / ton discount. In the first period of the morning, the Shanghai market quotation was slightly lower than that of yesterday, and the fluctuation of the market was smaller, and the Ningbo market holders quoted goods slightly. The West Mining News was near 130 yuan / ton for the June contract, and Yunxi News was near 140 yuan / ton for the June contract. Huize, Kirin and Tiefeng newspaper rose 150 yuan / ton for the June contract. Zinc period is strong and volatile, downstream enterprises are subject to poor orders, still wait and see, the overall willingness to buy is poor, compared with yesterday is basically flat, the market turnover is light.


Lift and discount

West mine

6: 130

Huize, Tiefeng, Kirin

6: 150

Yunnan tin


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