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[brief Review of SMM lead] Shanghai lead delivery contract strengthened in the afternoon
May 15,2020 16:14CST
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SMM, 15 May:

Within the day, the Shanghai lead main force 2006 contract opened at 13830 yuan / ton, after basically around 13850 yuan / ton first-line shock, in the afternoon, part of the short to leave the market, Shanghai lead strengthened, the center of gravity moved up, during the period once touched 13980 yuan / ton, the final close at 13940 yuan / ton, up 115%, an increase of 0.83%, the position was reduced by 2602 hands to 21342 hands. Shanghai lead report Xiaoyang line is still running in the box area, and the trend of each moving average is leveling off. from a fundamental point of view, the price of waste batteries is easy to rise and difficult to fall, the inventory of superimposed primary lead smelters is scarce, and the possibility of a surge in supply-side pressure in a short period of time is relatively small. Shanghai lead is expected to maintain the operating market in the range in the near future.

In addition, the intra-day 2005 contract completed delivery, opened at 13900 yuan / ton, the trend was stable, in the afternoon, Shanghai lead weakened slightly, finally closed at 13840 yuan / ton, settlement price 13860 yuan / ton, delivery volume of 300 tons, trading volume reduced to 15 hands, holding 60 hands.

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