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Spot Daily Review of SMM Aluminium bars on May 11, 2020
May 11,2020 11:41CST
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SMM, 11 May:

The cost of aluminum bar processing has risen steadily today. Foshan area aluminum bar processing fee Φ 90 quoted 680-720 average price 700, Φ 120 quoted 660-700 average price 680, Φ 178 quoted 640-680, average price 660; Wuxi aluminum bar processing fee Φ 90 quoted 670-710 average price 690, Φ 120 quoted 620-660 average price 640, Φ 178 quoted 610-650, average price 630. Spot base prices in Guangdong and Shanghai have been raised, and those in East China have increased even more. The processing fee in Foshan area has risen slightly, with the low price at 640 Mel 700 yuan / ton, and the high price of automobile transportation at 750 Mel 800 yuan / ton, the market receiving of goods has slightly increased, and the trading has improved slightly; the processing fee in Wuxi area has not changed much, and the mainstream self-quoted price has been maintained around 650 yuan / ton, and the downstream procurement is stable and the transaction is OK.

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