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Weekly Review of selenium Market (5.6-5.8) the first round of bidding for crude selenium in May settled the smooth start of selenium
May 8,2020 15:57CST
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This week is the first trading week after May Day, although the time is only three days, but the market is not boring, on Friday Jinlong Copper conducted the first round of crude selenium inquiry this month, the price rose slightly from the previous period.

Today, the transaction price of SMM99.9% selenium powder is 105murl 130 yuan / kg, 99.9% selenium ingot transaction price is 110Lue 135 yuan / kg, the average price is the same as last week, the crude selenium transaction price is 65mur72 yuan / kg, the selenium dioxide transaction price is 65mur70 yuan / kg, the average price is the same as last week.

Selenium powder: foreign media 99.9% selenium powder transaction price is 6-7.3 US dollars / pound, the high price is up 0.3 US dollars / pound compared with last week. Most market participants interpret this price change as the repair of previous market prices by overseas institutions, but as to whether the overseas market really starts a rising offensive, there is no clear signal and lack of direct support from the fundamentals. At present, the start-up situation of the glass-ceramic industry downstream of refined selenium in China remains unchanged, and the overall situation is still stagnant, so compared with selenium products such as crude selenium and diselenide, the sales of selenium powder selenium ingots are relatively calm, or the market is weak. From the whole situation in April, some refined selenium holders said that the sales situation is less than in March, especially the sale of imported refined selenium, mostly distributed in long single customers, the current spot transactions are basically missing. The transaction of domestic 99.9% selenium powder is concentrated in 105-110 yuan / kg, and the mainstream price of imported selenium powder is 110-130 yuan / kg, which is stable.

Selenium: at present, the domestic selenium market is generally stable, the price range has not changed, still concentrated in the price of 65-70 yuan / kg. From the perspective of the market in April, the start of the electrolytic manganese plant is stable, one after another manufacturers purchase selenium as raw material replenishment, but on the whole, the volume is not large, a small amount of replenishment, there has always been a large number of transactions and procurement. Today, Jinlong copper industry this month for the first time crude selenium public inquiry dust settled, a southern customer at the price of 72 yuan / kg to purchase 30 tons of crude selenium. From the transaction price of crude selenium alone, it has always shown an upward trend since March, which is a strong support for the cost of diselenite and refined selenium products to a large extent.

According to SMM, there are still mainstream copper plants selling crude selenium in the market next week, and the trading price and the whereabouts of the goods are still worthy of market attention.

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