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Power infrastructure led to copper rod consumption on Wednesday copper rod prices rose!
Apr 24,2020 16:47CST
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SMM4 22: scrap copper rod low operating rate continues to improve refined copper rod consumption, coupled with the past two weeks power infrastructure consumption continued to improve copper rod consumption, copper rod quotation rose again. According to SMM research, this Friday (April 24) Guangdong 8mm power industry pole processing fee reported 780-850 yuan / ton, up 180 yuan / ton compared with last Friday; Guangdong electrolytic copper rose 100 yuan / ton this week compared with last Friday is one of the reasons to stimulate the increase in processing fees; In addition, the shortage of copper rod supply is also another important reason for the sharp rise in processing fees. At the end of the week, many copper rod companies told us that they had stopped selling zero orders to the outside world, giving priority to ensuring the demand of long-order customers. The rod processing fee of East China 8mm power industry was 650-850 yuan / ton, up 150 yuan / ton from last Friday. The rising water of electrolytic copper and the shipment of some supplies to North China are the main reasons for the higher price of copper rod in East China. The pole processing fee for the 8mm power industry in North China was 1000-1050 yuan / ton, up 50 yuan / ton from last Friday. Affected by the transfer of goods from various places to North China, the supply of copper rods in North China this week increased compared with last week, so copper rod prices in the region did not continue to rise sharply.

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