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[SMM finishing] production of overseas Zinc Mining Enterprises in the first quarter of 2020 this week (1)
Apr 22,2020 16:24CST
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SMM4, 18 March:

Recently, some overseas companies have announced the output of the first quarter of 2020 one after another. SMM has compiled the company report that has been released so far, as follows:

Among them, the output of Antamina increased significantly, and the taste of superimposed zinc ore increased mainly due to the increase of mining volume, which increased by 38400 metal tons compared with the same period of 19 years. On April 13, Teck announced that it would suspend operations for two weeks due to the epidemic, and then resume production with the participation of a new labor force. If it resumes as scheduled, its 2020Q2 production may maintain a significant positive growth. However, the zinc mines of Teck resources, South 32, Hecla and other companies are less affected by the epidemic situation. Among them, Pend Oreille, a unit of Teck Resources, stopped production on July 31, 2019 because of its depletion of reserves; however, the increase in ore exploitation of the Red Dog mine this year due to the suitable climate has made up for the decline in ore taste; the smelter Trail has increased year on year due to the presence of 2019Q1; and the overall production of 2020Q1 has increased. The Cannington mine, owned by South 32, was shut down as a result of a strike by 2019-2019 employees, an increase from a year earlier. The main products of Hecla mine are precious metals. Due to the isolation of personnel due to the epidemic, the output decreased slightly compared with the same period last year. According to the current released data, the first quarter of 2020 overseas mine production growth is obvious, SMM will continue to track the overseas mining enterprises financial reports announced production.

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