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Jiangxi implemented stabilisation measures to support economy during coronavirus outbreak
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Feb 6,2020

SHANGHAI, Feb 6 (SMM) – Jiangxi province issued a policy to stabilise economic growth in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. 

This policy includes support for producers of goods and materials for virus prevention and control as well as daily necessities, helping entities weather the difficulties, stabilising demand by expanding investment and support for employment.

National commercial banks, China Development Bank and Agricultural Development Bank of China are encouraged to enhance services in Jiangxi in order to fully meet the financing demand for virus prevention and control. Special re-lending is implemented for newly-increased key secured enterprises in virus prevention and control in 2020. Producers of key virus prevention and control goods and materials and necessities are helped restart production. Transport of goods and materials for virus prevention and control, production and living is secured, and expressway fees are exempted during the virus outbreak. 

Enterprises that rent state-owned production and operational property enjoy rent relief and the owners of other properties are encouraged to reduce or exempt rents.

General tax relief is implemented for wholesale, retail, accommodation and catering, logistics, transport and tour companies that are significantly affected by the virus and the companies that fail to fully restart as scheduled.

Financing support is enhanced to make sure that the credit balance of enterprises in 2020 is no lower than in the same period of 2019. 

State-run medium and large scale enterprises increase support for small scale enterprises on payment collection, raw material supply and project contracting under laws and regulations. 

Foreign trade enterprises that fail to resume operations due to the virus outbreak are helped reduce losses and customs clearance of import and export cargoes is ensured.

Work shift and shorter working hours are encouraged for enterprises and workers.


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