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SMM1 14 Shanghai zinc ingot spot: zinc price high down spot rising water rebounding
Jan 14,2020 11:51CST
SMM January 14: Shanghai Zinc mainstream transaction in 18250-18270 yuan / ton, Shuangyan transaction in 18260,18270 yuan / ton; Shuangyan ordinary February reported water 110-120 yuan / ton; Shuangyan reported water 110-130 yuan / ton in February; Zinc mainstream transaction in 18180-18200 yuan / ton. Shanghai
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SMM, 14 Jan:

The mainstream transaction of zinc in Shanghai was 18250-18270 yuan / ton, and that of Shuangyan was 18260-18270 yuan / ton, that of zinc was 110-120 yuan / ton in February, that of Shuangyan was 110-130 yuan / ton in February, and that of zinc was 18180-18200 yuan / ton. Shanghai zinc 2001 shock downward, the first trading session in the morning closed at 18140 yuan / ton. In the first trading session, the holder took the initiative to lower the price of rising water in the morning. The ordinary zinc brand reported a rise of 90-100 yuan / ton to the 2002 contract, and the market transaction was poor. After entering the second period, the zinc price stabilized, the spot zinc rose to a low level, and the ordinary brand zinc basically followed up to 110-120 yuan / ton for the 2001 contract. Zinc prices fluctuated and fell back, holders are still mainly shipments, today some downstream still have procurement demand, but the overall procurement has been weaker than a few days ago.

Qiao brand

Transaction interval




Water 100



Litre 110-130

Double swallow


Litre 110-130

Qin Zinc, Kirin, Jiulong


Litre 110-120

Treasure emblem


Water 50






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