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[SMM analysis] how much impact has Indonesia had on the anti-dumping investigation of Chinese imports of cold-rolled stainless steel?
Oct 31,2019 11:39CST
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SMM10, October 31, 2019, the Indonesian Anti-dumping Commission issued a public announcement and decided to launch an anti-dumping investigation into (cold rolled stainless steel), a cold-rolled stainless steel product imported from China and Malaysia. The Indonesian customs codes of the products involved in this case are 7219.32.00,7219.33.00,7219.34.00,7219.35.00,7219.90.00,7220.20.107220.90,7220.90.10 and 7220.90.90.

According to SMM, China exported 3.85 million tons of stainless steel in 2018, of which 85000 tons were exported to Indonesia, accounting for about 2 percent, of which coil accounted for about 75 percent. Exports of stainless steel to Indonesia are expected to decline next year compared with the same period last year.

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