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[SMM Analysis] Yangjiang Hongwang 700000 ton Cold Rolling Project promotes the Transformation of domestic Manufacturing Industry through the Operation of "Black Light Factory" Internet + Manufacturing
Oct 29,2019 13:20CST
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SMM10, March 29: recently, in Hongwang stainless steel cold rolling workshop, 746m long production line is running in an orderly manner. Calendering, annealing, pickling, leveling, within a few minutes, a coil of steel coil plate with the original thickness of 3.0 mm is rolled into a coil of about 0.8 mm. These coils will be widely used in the production of stainless steel related products. Due to advanced equipment and smooth trial production, the first phase of Hongwang project is expected to achieve the processing target of 700000 tons of high quality stainless steel cold rolled sheet per year. After reaching full production, the annual output value is about 10 billion yuan. However, it is such a big project that requires very few production workers. The "black light factory" is the wisdom factory, because it does not need to be operated manually, so it can turn off the lights and run, so it is named after it. The first phase of Hongwang stainless steel cold rolling project, which has just been put into production, is a "black light factory" planned and built with the goal of wisdom factory.

Zhu Jiqiao, chairman of Yangjiang Hongwang Industrial Co., Ltd., said: we have added a lot of intelligent equipment, including automatic packing, automatic unpacking and automatic driving. We used to need people to do it, but now we all do it mechanically. We leave the previous industrial data to the system to do it on its own, without the need for people. There are two people at the moment. According to the person in charge of the enterprise, the project adopts industry-leading multi-roll continuous rolling technology and intelligent electronic control technology, which can upgrade the cold rolling process such as continuous rolling, continuous retreating and pickling to the whole process of automatic production. This can not only improve the production efficiency, but also ensure the stability of product quality. At present, the construction of Hongwang Phase II and Phase III projects has also been officially launched. According to the plan, the second phase adopts black leather through two stands, with an estimated annual output of 500000 tons, and the third phase adopts two reversible 20-high cold rolling mills and continuous annealing pickling line units, with an estimated annual output of 300000 tons of thin sheet. The two phases of the project are also aimed at the "black light factory" as the goal of planning and construction. Yangjiang Hongwang Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhu Jiqiao: human control has emotion, equipment does not, its memory function is more powerful, self-learning function is more powerful, we can now through the accumulation of data, we can get reliable, stable quality, to provide customers with better quality. In terms of thickness (error), we can control it at 0.001 mm.

According to SMM, Hongwang's 700000-ton cold rolling project in Yangjiang has greatly improved its production efficiency through the operation of the "Black Light Factory". In addition, it has been able to ensure the improvement of quality in the production and management of products. In fact, the operation of the "black light factory" also marks the innovation of the domestic industry 4.0. it aims to enhance the intelligent level of the manufacturing industry, establish an intelligent factory with adaptability and resource efficiency, integrate customers and business partners in the business process and value of the steel industry chain, and finally achieve a rapid and effective product supply. Therefore, Hongwang Innovation to create "Internet + Manufacturing" will effectively promote the transformation of the domestic manufacturing industry.

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