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[SMM Antimony spot Weekly] Antimony ingot manufacturers continue to pull up to drive market trading (2019.10.21-2019.10.25)
Oct 25,2019 16:48CST
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SMM, 25 October 2019:

The market price of antimony products continued to rise this week, but the protagonist of this week's price rise has changed from antimony ingots to antimony oxide. This week, the actions of manufacturers in various regions of antimony ingots are still relatively unified, but after the recent rapid price increase, the terminal has replenished a certain amount of inventory and gradually began to choose to wait and see. some manufacturers responded that the market turnover this week was lower than last week, and the inquiry also began to fade, including the weakening of speculative demand. Still, antimony oxide prices rose somewhat on Wednesday after the price of antimony ingots stabilized.

In terms of raw materials, the prices of single antimony ore and gong antimony mine have not changed much, but according to market participants, some domestic mining enterprises have recently begun to sell a number of antimony concentrates with superior prices, which has also aroused the interest of some private smelters, and some of them have even begun to sell some antimony ingots to withdraw funds for subsequent negotiations on the purchase of raw materials. The sale of antimony ingots has also led to some murmur in the market, which was originally a unified price increase, but market participants believe that once the raw materials have been replenished, the price hiking attitude of these manufacturers is expected to return to unity.

Antimony ingots prices remain unchanged this week, as of the weekend SMM antimony average price: low bismuth antimony ingots 41000 yuan / ton, antimony ingots 41500 yuan / ton, antimony ingots 42500 yuan / ton, high bismuth antimony ingots average price 39000 yuan / ton. Although after the rapid price increase, the current antimony ingot price consolidation trend, but because the current supply side action is still unified, the attitude of cherishing the sale is still the same, although there is some murmur in the market, such as some private manufacturers are shipped with the market, but the general trend has not changed. It is understood that some large flagship manufacturers of high-quality goods although the price is higher, but in fact there is a higher position of premium transactions. In view of the impending fourth quarter of the traditional demand season, downstream stock increase, it is expected that the strong trend of antimony ingots will not change in the short term.

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Antimony oxide market prices on Wednesday also accelerated the pace of supplementary increases under the influence of antimony ingots, becoming the protagonist of this week's price increases. As of the end of the week, the average price of SMM antimony trioxide was 99.5% in 37000 yuan / ton and 99.8% in 39250 yuan / ton. Although the current market is actively pushing prices, coupled with the impact of some manufacturers to stop production and reduce production and unified sales, market confidence has been restored, but it is expected that the short-term market may consolidate for a period of time after a sharp rise in prices. After the end market is digested and accepted, the market will still have room to move forward.

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