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[SMM October 23 stainless steel spot]
Oct 23,2019 11:26CST
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SMM10, 23 March:

Foshan stainless steel: in the morning Foshan stainless steel market state 3042B trimming volume price is the same as yesterday's market price at 15950 yuan / ton; private 3042B rough edge roll price is flat at 15500 yuan / ton today; today's 304 / NO. 1 five-foot roll price is stable at 15100 yuan / ton compared with yesterday's average price. Today morning Foshan cold, hot rolling market quotation is more stable than yesterday's average price, although some businesses slightly low up 50, but basically not too many transactions, so the future stainless steel market to see a weak mood increase. For 10:30 SHFE ss2002 contract selling price 14965 yuan / ton, Foshan stainless steel spot water 305-505 yuan / ton (spot edge cutting = rough edge + 170 yuan / ton)

Wuxi stainless steel: this morning Wuxi area quotation: state-owned 304 2B edge cutting volume price is 16050-16250 yuan / ton, private 304 2B rough edge roll price 15800-15900 yuan / ton. 304 / NO. 1 five feet at 14950-15050 yuan / ton. Morning market quotation is mixed, generally reflect the recent transaction light, October demand is slightly lower than September, although nickel prices rise, agents and traders are cautious quotation shipment. For 10:30 SHFE SS2002 contract selling price 14965 yuan / ton, Wuxi stainless steel spot water 705-805 yuan / ton (spot edge cutting = rough edge + 170 yuan / ton)

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