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[SMM Antimony spot Weekly] Antimony ingot manufacturers continue to pull up to drive market trading (2019.10.14-2019.10.18)
Oct 18,2019 15:15CST
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SMM October 18, 2019: this week's market prices continue to maintain the pace of upward, antimony market pricing measures are still firm, confidence. Under the leadership of large factories, the actions of manufacturers in various regions are still unified, and the quotation gradually rises after a certain deal is reached, and the inquiry remains positive under the influence of the price increase and the supply side to a certain extent. However, there are also a small number of regional manufacturers who react that the actual market trading volume this week is slightly lower than last week, because the rapid price increase may have hindered a lot of speculative demand. Overall, the price of antimony ingots has still improved significantly this week, and the pace of rise in antimony trioxide prices has kept pace.

In terms of raw materials, the prices of single antimony ore and gong antimony mine have also risen to a certain extent, and the intention of gradually raising the price of raw materials for sale is more obvious in mines with the increase in the price of antimony products. Many buyers said that the current cheap raw materials are not easy to buy.

锑锭方面价格本周依旧整体提升明显,截至周末SMM锑均价: 2#低铋锑锭41000元/吨、1#锑锭41500元/吨、0#锑锭42500元/吨、2#高铋锑锭均价39000元/吨。2#高铋锑锭较上周相比上涨2000元/吨,其他整体较上周相比上涨2500元/吨。目前供方提价举动较为统一,惜售的行为也较为同步,但据市场人士了解称,虽然目前大家看涨的心态和情绪差距不大,但是各供应商的销售策略还是有所不同。不少大型厂家由于资金相对宽裕加上渠道畅通,销售上更多采用限制最低销售价的方式来达到惜售效果以推动市场价格及掌握价格磋商主动权。而一些相对小的民营厂家则随行就市出货,边出货边根据库存情况提升价格。由于考虑到即将迎来第四季度的传统需求旺季,下游备货的提升,可能也将更加放大供应商们的销售举措带来的对市场的影响。

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Prices in the antimony oxide market also accelerated on Wednesday under the influence of antimony ingots. As of the end of the week, the average price of SMM antimony trioxide was 99.5% in 36500 yuan / ton and 99.8% in 38500 yuan / ton. It is expected that under the influence of the current market initiative to promote the price, coupled with the influence of some manufacturers to stop production and reduce production and unify the sale, the confidence of the market will continue to be restored, and the price may continue for some time.

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